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Draft Rite intends to hit every spectrum of media coverage while talking about the NFL Draft. We will have web content (the website), print media (e-magazines), audio work (podcasts), and eventually, in the future, video media (youtube, sportscastr, etc). We are passionate about what we do and providing the best NFL Draft coverage available.

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Job Opportunities:

NFL Draft Scout
The NFL Draft scout monitors college prospects and writes scouting reports based on film/analytics available to the media. Opportunities include going to college games as media for scouting purposes, NFL Draft events, pro-days, etc.

XFL Author
The XFL Author covers the XFL from a prospect standpoint as to how the NFL looks on. Opportunities include going to XFL games as media for scouting purposes.

NFL Scout
The NFL Scout observes the NFL from a general standpoint, observing upcoming free agents and scouting their abilities.

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