Ravens Report – Draft Edition: A Wishlist Nonetheless. Part 2.

Welcome back everyone to your second, third, or seventh, or etc. favorite Baltimore Ravens feature/article. Obviously we can’t out do the actual Ravens staff writers but we can try here at DraftRite! We’re happy to see you visit the site again & boy do we have a small treat for you all!

A few weeks ago you seen the first issue of the Ravens Report Draft Edition and it’s wishlist. Well my personal wishlist of players that I’d like the Ravens take in whatever rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft or UDFA. Yes, I understand the frustration of this not coming sooner but you know Work & Home Life stuff comes first. Anyways, last time there was a focus of EDGE, WR, & Center. This time we’re gonna dig into another strong suit position and a few very not positions. Laugh Out Loud.

With this wishlist we’re gonna start with… Drumroll please? No? Ok, fine.

Offensive Tackle(Focus on RT mainly):

*NOTICE* Remember this is now because of the confirmed Trade of Orlando Brown Jr aka Zeus Jr to the KC Chiefs & Somewhat uncertainty of signing a FA Veteran such as Alejandro Villanueva or Dennis Kelly. Before hand this would have been a depth draft for the position.

  • Rashawn Slater
    • This young man has shown that he is ready for the next level throughout this 2020 season with not only his non recordable stats(for most news sources anyways) but versatility & leadership. As the draft process has gone about it’s turn for the 2021 class, I’ll admit most of the time I wasn’t as big on him that I should have. He’s easily the best RIGHT TACKLE in this draft class.
  • Teven Jenkins
    • Another beastly of a RT, after his name and film clips started popping up in my Twitter feed amongst the Ravens Flock I though to think to myself why not add him to this list. By the little bit I’ve seen so far he really seem like he’d make an immediate positive impact to the team.
  • Liam Eichenberg
    • Partially Biased here because of former fandom and a small soft spot of keeping up with the Irish. Mr. Eichenberg would make an absolute stud in the system, and why not have two former Notre Dame(who are notorious for producing top tier offensive linemen) OT’s protecting our boy LJ8 & creating holes for the RB monsters. Be on the lookout for this guy to be a great piece in the next level.
  • Landon Young
    • I know, I know this one is little kind of rough and on the edges but this is a diamond in the rough pick with the right kind of coaching and experience. The University of the K-Word(Kentucky for those of you who don’t get the reference) has been in a fairly good up bringing with late round/UDFA picks that transition well in the next level. Landon Young has done a great job in his time with the Wildcats and will do the same with whatever team he goes to, let’s hope it’s the Ravens.
  • Alex Leatherwood
    • Yes a LT, this would be absolute just powerhouse beef depth of a pick. I’ve been somewhat keen on this guy along side of management. If he’d be willing to move over to the Right side then it’ll be nice versatility we’re all wanting to see in a monster of a guy. If you don’t think I’m right then go watch his film again.

Quick drink/bathroom break for everyone! I’m gonna sip on some Buffalo Trace Bourbon while you all do that. By the way I’ve been doing that since writing this.

Ok, so next we’re just gonna try to go through kind of quick on these next sets of positions because I’m not as knowledgeable or haven’t seen enough film/stats to make a good to great set for the wishlist, but let’s just leave it to you to just guess why these players would fit in the Ravens’ scheme of things whether it’s starting day one or depth.


  • Patrick Surtain II
    • Amongst the NFL Draft Community this guy is easily one of the top prospects in the class for the position so I’m going to trust their word on this, so Mr Surtain II, #ComeToTheRavens?
  • Greg Newsome II
    • Part of Northwestern’s wrecking crew of a secondary, I do believe that this guy would make a great key impact rotational player and learn well from Humphrey, Peters, & Smith to become their replacement one day.
  • Shaun Wade
    • Opting out then opting back in unfortunately hurt his progress for transition in my personal opinion. If he were to be picked by the team there is no doubt that he can return to a top notch interior CB to rotate into the correct packages.
  • Tre Brown
    • Kind of took him as a reach gem in the rough pick. No other comment.

Free & Strong Safety

  • Ar’Darius Washington
    • Rumored to be one of the best FS’s in the 2021 draft. Knowing that the Ravens haven’t had much success at having a FS like Ed Reed or Eric Weddle it’s time to move forward at adding depth like this till we finally get long term understanding of what The Joker DeShon Elliott is made of.
  • Caden Sterns
    • Another Longhorn to possibly add to the team pool. It seems that maybe Texas is slowly becoming DBU? Don’t know but all I know is some gut feeling gives me hope on this guy.
  • Jordyn Peters
    • This is a name I hear every now and then in the Draft community that has potential to be great. So let’s take some risks.
  • Trevor Moehrig
    • A Strong Safety that is gaining some respect and a house hold name in the flock community on both Facebook & Twitter. Can he fall to us or will EDC/Harbs take him? We won’t know till it happens.
  • Tryee Gillespie
    • Not much of a comment here outside of possible gem in the rough.
  • Joshua Bledsoe
    • Read above laugh out loud.

And there are some IDL and LB’s that we could discuss but for now this is it. This may not be an ideal wishlist for some but you know it can help in more than one way. We’re less than a week away from the big day, so let’s do out best to make a great guess.

I hope you all enjoyed this and will join the fun in the guessing game we call Mock Drafts & Big Boards. Comment on whatever site you’re on to give whatever feedback you want. All criticism or praised is welcome! Don’t forget to follow us on every social media for the best Draft/Scouting coverage we can give you! Have a great day/evening!

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