Cleveland Browns Day Two Targets

The Cleveland Browns have many different ways they could go with their pick at 26. They could go with any position on the defense, or even wide receiver. There is a possibility they could trade down. No matter what they do in the first round, they have a lot of needs on defense and could also use an electric playmaker on offense. If they draft one of these positions in the first round, I would expect that position to be off the board on day two unless there is extreme value in the pick. All heights, weights, and RAS (Relative Athletic Scores) are courtesy of Kent Lee Platte (@MathBomb on Twitter) and are available at with many different search options available. Images are courtesy of XB Creative (@XBcreative on Twitter).

Edge Rushers

Round two

Carlos Basham Jr., Wake Forest, 6’3″, 274lbs, 9.38 RAS

Payton Turner, Houston, 6’5″, 268lbs, 9.74 RAS

Round Three

Dayo Odeyingbo, Vanderbilt, 6’5″, 276lbs

Cameron Sample, Tulane, 6’2″, 267lbs, 6.97 RAS


The Browns desperately need edge help. Even with the Clowney signing, they still need a lot more depth. Ideally, Takk McKinley is your fourth edge rusher. Both McKinley and Clowney could very easily not be back next season as they are both on one year deals. The current edge backups are Porter Gustin, Curtis Weaver, and Joe Jackson. Preferably, you move on from one of those and have another on your practice squad, with the third as your fifth edge rusher. They prefer bigger edges with good athleticism. If they don’t select one round one, I would expect one to be taken on day two. Basham and Turner are bigger ends with great athleticism. Odeyingbo is currently hurt, and will fall because of this, but he has the prototypical size that the Browns look for. Sample has the size they like, but he had bad agility testing. 

The Browns will look to bolster their secondary in the draft after the addition of John Johnson III in free agency. Image courtesy of XB Creative (@XBcreative on Twitter)


Round two

Eric Stokes, Georgia, 6’0″, 194lbs, 9.37 RAS

Ifeatu Melifonwu, Syracuse, 6’2″, 205lbs, 9.69 RAS

Asante Samuel Jr., Florida State, 5’10”, 180lbs, 7.46 RAS

Round Three

Kelvin Joseph, Kentucky, 5’11”, 197lbs, 9.02 RAS

Benjamin St-Juste, Minnesota, 6’3″, 202lbs, 8.12 RAS


The Browns reliance on Greedy Williams is unsustainable. He has not proven to be able to be on the field frequently. The old saying is availability is the best ability. Greedy has not been available. They could very easily go corner in the first round if the right one is there. If not there are a few corners that they would like. Some of them could even be the pick at 26 or if they trade down if they like them enough. Stokes is an elite athlete with decent size and a lot of experience. Ifeatu Melifonwu is another insane athlete with great size and will be a good fit for a zone defense, although the Browns do mix in some man coverage. Asante Samuel Jr., lacks the size of the others, but has good technique. He could fit next to Ward and Williams as a nickel corner, but he is better in man then zone. Joseph and St-Juste would probably be gone by 89, so they may need to trade up to snag them, but I don’t want any other corners that may have to start after them. They could both use some development, but are passable as starters.

Interior Defensive Line

Round Two

Levi Onwuzurike, Washington, 6’2″, 290lbs, 8.73 RAS

Christian Barmore, Alabama, 6’4″, 310lbs, 8.22 RAS

Daviyon Nixon, Iowa, 6’3″, 313lbs, 8.38 RAS


Marlon Tuipulotu, USC, 6’1″, 308lbs, 6.78 RAS

Tommy Togiai, Ohio State, 6’1″, 296lbs, 8.58 RAS

Alim McNeil, NC State, 6’1″, 317lbs, 8.53 RAS

Jay Tufele, USC, 6’2″, 305lbs, 6.46 RAS


Losing Richardson takes away from the defensive tackle depth, and we could end up taking two defensive tackles. We could end up drafting Barmore, or we could trade down from 26 into the early second round. Onwuzurilke, Nixon, and Barmore all have inconsistent film, but if the Browns trust their development, they could be dominant forces in a few years. This year, they could contribute in a rotation playing in-between Garrett and Clowney, and could be effective on stunts with Clowney. Tuipulotu, McNeil, and Togiai are good run-stoppers who need development in the passing game, and Tufele offers more as a pass rusher. All but Tufele have played mainly as a 1-tech.

Wide Receiver

The Browns might look to add a weapon opposite of Odell Beckham Jr. in this years draft. Image courtesy XB Creative.

Round TWO

Dyami Brown, North Carolina, 6’0″, 189lbs, 8.38 RAS

Elijah Moore, Ole Miss, 5’9″, 178lbs, 8.68 RAS

Kadarius Toney, Florida, 5’11”, 193lbs, 9.00 RAS

Rondale Moore, Purdue, 5’7″, 181lbs, 9.33 RAS


Nico Collins, Michigan, 6’4″, 215lbs, 9.56 RAS

Amari Rodgers, Clemson, 5’9″, 212lbs, 5.37 RAS


The Browns need more playmakers on offense to help Baker continue his improvement. They already have an elite offensive line, as well as one elite weapon in Odell Beckham Jr., as well as top-flight running backs in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. If a receiver like Rashod Bateman falls to them at 26 they should definitely consider drafting him depending on who else is left on the board. Dyami Brown is a good deep threat who could provide the Browns with a new dynamic. Elijah Moore, Kadarius Toney, and Rondale Moore are all ideally slot receivers. They are all more dynamic play-makers than Landry who is scheduled to count for $16 million in cap hit with only a $1.5 million dead cap. He could be a cut-candidate for next offseason. Drafting one of these three would give them a season to develop while contributing as a WR3/4 and returning punts and kicks. Amari Rodgers is a versatile athlete very similar to the three previously mentioned. He will most likely go a round later, but provides value in the same ways. Nico Collins is an insane height/weight/speed prospect who has limited production, but he had awful quarterback play throughout his career, similar to current Browns receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones, his former college teammate. He can play with Landry if they want to keep Landry. They could very easily draft one on day three instead. Any day three pick at receiver would likely need to add value on special teams.

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