Forgotten Snap Count Positional Updates: QB Version 3

Hello Ladies & Gents! As most of you know the Forgotten Snap Count is a podcast with up to 5 episodes now. I(Brandon Meyers) host it almost on a weekly basis, last week I didn’t have very much time and will try to get episode 6 up soon but that’s outside the point. Anyways most of you know back in December? I made a controversial Top 10 QB List on my personal Twitter handle that had everyone up in arms. Well after much deliberation & working on becoming better at evaluating the position I made a new version 2 list that’s much better than the original on episode 5 on the show. Now here on DraftRite we’re bringing you a new 3rd version to go along with it. Hoping to have these for most positions before the draft But let’s go ahead and get started!

  1. Trevor Lawrence
  2. T-Zach Wilson/Justin Fields
  3. Trey Lance
  4. Kyle Trask
  5. Kellen Mond
  6. Mac Jones
  7. Sam Ehlinger
  8. Jamie Newman
  9. Shane Buechele
  10. Ian Book

Now since this is now going into public eye in writing, just remember this is still an on going process. I still like Ian Book that much to still keep him in my Top 10 because even with the Alabama blow out he is a good game manager. With the Trey Lance thing, even though I’m not personally huge on him doesn’t take away from the fact that he’ll most likely get taken in the first round. Take this list how you want but either way enjoy this fun guessing game and come at me bro!

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