Analytical Case Files: KJ Britt, LB, Auburn

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies & gentlemen! Welcome back to DraftRite dot Com & yes you read that right, a new edition of the Analytical Case Files. It was a little busy last week in the Meyers household & the series was put on a week long delay, but we’re back again! Cue the music Kronk! Ok, I can’t actual cue music on this article but get Eminem’s “Without me” in your head. Anyways, we love bringing you these fun player profile’s when we can so just sit back with your favorite beverage & snack & enjoy the read!

With the intro bring said let’s go ahead & introduce our featured athlete. Begin the WAR EAGLE chants! In this edition we’ll be discussing the University of Auburn’s very own dynamic LB KJ Britt! Unfortunately I was only able to find one piece of film in the public eye for the 2020 season but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t make impressions based off that & the raw stats but that’s for later on in the article. He was fun to watch with a lot of potential built for the next level.

As we always do, let’s start off with the basic notes & fun facts! Courtesy of the Auburn Tigers athletics website!

  • H&W: 6’0″/243lbs
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Oxford, AL
  • High School: Oxford HS
  • Senior Year(2020):
    • Played in 2 games this season vs GA & KY.
    • Rest of information is unavailable at this time.
  • Junior Year(2019):
    • First year starter
    • First team All-SEC
    • SEC Academic Honor Roll
  • Sophomore Year(2018):
    • Second String Mike Linebacker
    • Lead Tackler vs Alabama State
  • Freshman Year(2017):
    • Second String Mike Linebacker
    • Played in every game.
  • Out of HS:
    • 124 Tackles as a Senior
    • 2016 Regional MVP & First Team All-State
    • 2015 First Team ASWA All-State Honoree
    • Played in Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game
    • Unanimous 4 Star LB between 247Sports, Rivals, & ESPN
    • Member of National Honor Society

Since we got through that fun little spurt, lets go ahead and move to the raw stats portion… But wait! Let’s just make a quick note that just because the guy doesn’t have as many accolades as some of his fellow positional players doesn’t mean he won’t succeed at the next level. 2020-21 has been a weird season after all. Anyways, now lets move forward.

Sooooo, you all might be thinking something along “This guy doesn’t have many stats or tackles to back anything up” or “why would I want this guy on my team?” Well the answer to that question is development. We can tell that there was obvious progression in the Total Tackles in itself each year. and yeah 2.5 sacks isn’t the best but for someone in the Front 7 but it honestly isn’t all that bad for what seemed to be a more coverage base LB Corps when watching him in film. I’d say if it weren’t for the season ending surgery, then we would have seen a bigger increase in his overall stats and maybe even his first or few INT’s. 37 Solo Tackles in ’19 and helping out on 31, we should be giving him a big round of applause *starts slow clap then cuts it* but let’s save that actual applause for later we have to give film impressions.

Now, the only film I could find on this young Gentleman from the 2020 season(because I wanted to get a solid impression on what improvements he made this year compared to 2019) was vs the Georgia Bulldogs and even though it was a loss for the Tigers, I was actually impressed with Mr. Britt’s performance. He did his job covering in not only Man but Zone as well. 12 Total tackles for the game might not be what you’re looking at for a LB but there are unrecordable feats that help keep the team going. As far as I’ve seen he stayed on the coverage well enough to make the QB go to the next assignment or putting pressure on the OL/QB enough for a different member of the front seven to get the sack/for him to make an incomplete pass. There are multiple ways for a player to be a key impact or key rotational player without having stats to back it up. As far as his movement went for fundamentals, it was all there. His footwork was on point, hip motions in coverage worked, pass rushing the QB in the A & B gaps could use some work to actually get the sack but everything that I seen him do on film was everything you want in a project LB.

Ok, we’re gonna go ahead and start wrapping up here. My final consensus for this gentleman would be a solid Mid-Day 2 pick, if he does fall to anywhere in day 3 it’ll be a rare gem in the rough. I feel like if the right team and right coaching staff at the next level develops him the proper way for 2ish seasons then he’ll become that key impact/rotational player I brought up earlier. Don’t throw him to the wolves but don’t leave him in the dust. Mold him with progress & practice.

And that my friends is CASE CLOSED. I hope you enjoyed the piece and if you could please comment, like, share, and so forth. Don’t forget to follow us on all forms of social media for all the great NFL Draft Content from all of our contributors. Have a great day!

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