Super Bowl LV Predictions – DraftRite Staff

Super Bowl LV kicks off on Feb. 7 at 6:30 PM EST between the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs and the NFC’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While there are many storylines heading into the pinnacle event of the sporting year, our crew at DraftRite provides their Super Bowl prediction with a brief analysis to explain their thought process.

Mike O’Brien – Buccaneers 29 Chiefs 27

MO: The Chiefs are favorites against the first team to ever play a Super Bowl at home. Kansas City is down 2 starting offensive lineman, traveling one day before the game after a coronavirus haircut mishap and a car accident involving their assistant linebackers coach (Britt Reid, son of HC Andy Reid) who admitted their was alcohol involved that put a child in critical condition. Oh yeah, and they have to play against the greatest quarterback of all time, who has WON more Super Bowls (6) than any other QB has ever PLAYED in (Elway, 5).

There is much more to overcome here than what is being predisposed, for a team trying to go back to back. Not to mention, rain will be a factor. It will be a historical game but I think it ends with the ball in Brady’s hands, where he leads the Bucs down for a game winning FG off the foot of Ryan Succop.

I’ve seen this movie too many times before.

Erik Hindenburg – Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 31

EH: I expect the offensive line of KC to struggle early, but a key turnover forced by the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, will be a turning point. There’s no offense more dangerous and Reid and Bienemy will make the necessary adjustments to allow Kansas City to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Hunter Thompson – Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 24

HT: Kansas City’s offense and “bend, don’t break” defense will be a tough challenge for Brady and Co. As good as Brady and Arians have been lately, the combination of Reid, Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill will be too difficult to stop.

Conor Dorney – Buccaneers 30 Chiefs 24

CD: This should be one heck of a game. There’s so much offensive firepower on both sides that you won’t be surprised if either team puts up 40+ points. Tampa Bay will need a fast start in order to let their defense pin its ears back against a depleted Chiefs offensive line. As great as Mahomes is, why on earth would you bet against Tom Brady at this point? I’ve got the Bucs over the Chiefs in a nail-biter 30-24, with Tampa Tom taking home Super Bowl MVP honors.

Josh Berg – Chiefs 37 Buccaneers 24

JB: Patrick Mahomes is just that good. The Bucs secondary is too undermanned to be able to contain all of Kansas City’s explosive weapons. However, I will say that the Kansas City offensive line, missing as many pieces as they are, can make this one interesting. But I’m not going against Mahomes.

Alex Katson – Chiefs 34 Buccaneers 24

AK: Having Vita Vea back is great but it doesn’t help cover Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman, or a returning Sammy Watkins. The best strategy against the Chiefs has always seemed to be to run the ball and grind out the game. The Bucs’ best running back has been Leonard Fournette this season, so I doubt that’ll be an effective strategy. That makes this game effectively a boat race in my view, in which case I take the Chiefs every single time. Tom Brady and his cadre of receivers will make it competitive, but I don’t think they have the firepower to overcome what is possibly one of the best offenses we will ever see.

Brandon T Meyers – Buccaneers 38 Chiefs 34

BTM: Reason being is not only with the impressive turn out of Tom Brady all season long, intelligent coaching of Bruce Arians & Co, the Defense has stepped up on so many levels.

Daniel Garrett – Chiefs 34 Buccaneers 28

DG: The Buccaneers offense versus the Chiefs defense is a very intriguing matchup. The strength of both is the passing game, and the Chiefs ability to disguise coverage by moving safeties has been key in their success, and Brady is the greatest post-snap processor of all time. The Chiefs defensive weakness is stopping the run, and the Bucs will need a good game out of Fournette and Jones.

On the other side, the Bucs defense has greatly improved since the return of Vita Vea for the playoffs. The defensive line is their strength, and the Chiefs offensive line is dealing with a lot of changes. The Bucs secondary is solid, but it’s impossible to stop the Chiefs offense. The goal is to merely slow them down.

The Chiefs offense is going to have to get the ball out a little earlier than normal due to their tackles being out, but they have two elite separators in Kelce and Hill, and a lot of weapons in general, and the best QB in the game right now.

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