27 Nov 2020

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Playing Matchmaker for the 2021 NFL QB Prospects

After watching my team fall to 0-4, I decided to look to the future. I started thinking about which quarterback I wanted to come save my team. Where the big names would fit, the best situation for each player and their unique skillset. So today I am going to play matchmaker and pair each of my top 5 QB prospects, with a team that would be a match made in heaven.

QB 1, Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)


The Dwayne Haskins experiment in Washington seems to have ended. Kyle Allen isn’t the answer. What Washington needs is a cornerstone piece for their abysmal offense. They have that cornerstone piece on defense with Chase Young. Drafting Trevor Lawrence would fill the void at the QB position that hasn’t really been filled since Joe Theismann. Trevor Lawrence is the greatest QB prospect I have ever graded. I know you have heard about what makes Lawrence so good, but lets go over all of it again. Lawrence has the frame you dream of at 6’6″ 220lbs. Lawrence’s arm is on par with Aaron Rodgers and can make literally any throw you want on the field. He’s athletic but doesn’t tuck and run too early. Lawrence just literally checks every box when you’re trying to create a dream NFL prospect. Adding him to the offense that already has Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson is a great way to pull yourself out of the NFC East cellar. This move just makes way too much sense for both parties, just hope Snyder is smart enough to make sure this happens.

Other good landing spots: Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, New York Jets

QB 2, Trey Lance (North Dakota State)

Dream Landing Spot: ATLANTA FALCONS

The Falcons are currently 0-4. So none of these QB’s are out of the realm of possibilities. Matt Ryan hasn’t really been a problem for the Falcons this season. But both the NFL and the Quarterback position are changing, and as good as Ryan is, he fits the mold less and less each season. With Ryan’s contract he is almost impossible to move at the end of this season. Which is why Trey Lance’s perfect fit is Atlanta. Lawrence was my highest rated QB ever, but Lance is my favorite QB prospect ever. What Lance brings to the table is a great NFL caliber arm that can make any throw. He has a 6’3″ 225lbs frame. He is a tough runner who is athletic. You get a QB who oozes confidence in his play and his arm, Lance has the gunslinger mentality without hurting his team. Lance is also a natural born leader who elevates his teammates around him. As great as Lance’s traits are though, he is only a RS Sophomore with one year of starting experience. So due to that we see his mechanics get a little shaky at times as he starts to rely on his physical traits. Having Lance sit behind Ryan for a season while Ryan and the future OC groom him, would be the best case scenario for the young signal caller. It would be similar to what happened to Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith in KC.

Other Good Landing Spots: Washington Football Team, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers

QB 3, Justin Fields (OSU)

Dream Landing Spot: CHICAGO BEARS

At this point you have to feel sad for the Bears. Between Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky, they still don’t have a QB. But, Matt Nagy finally gets his QB in this Dream Landing Spot. Fields is a dynamic playmaker who many have as a Heisman candidate. Fields is 6’3″ and 230lbs, so he has a good NFL sized frame. Fields is incredibly athletic, has a good arm that can make most throws, a swagger that elevates his teammates, and just a will to win and be the best. Fields does have some issues of his own, he isn’t always the most technically sound while he relies a lot on his physical gifts. Putting Fields in Chicago with Nagy drawing up the plays for this dynamic QB would be electrifying. In Chicago, Fields would have a great defense, a dominant WR in Allen Robinson, a solid running back committee led by David Montgomery, and a city that has been begging for a QB since before the days of Jay Cutler.

Other Good Landing Spots: NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers

QB 4, Kyle Trask (Florida)


Going into this season many predicted Kyle Trask to have a Joe Burrow type of rise in this seasons draft process. And at the time of writing, he is looking like he may make that jump to stardom. If he isn’t quite ready to be the fulltime starter, Kyle Trask and the Steelers would be a match made in heaven. Ben Roethlisberger is 38, and we saw what happened last season when he misses time. Devlin Hodges and Mason Rudolph both struggled in the relief for the Steelers great. Insert Kyle Trask. The 6’5″ 240lbs Florida QB has a great arm, giant frame, very efficient arm, has the poise and confidence to make every throw when the pocket holds up. Trask is smart with the ball and doesn’t really make any bad throws that would put the team in a bad place. In Pittsburgh Trask would get to work with an established Head Coach in Mike Tomlin. He has good young weapons in JuJu Smith-Schuster and Diontae Johnson. Plus Trask wouldn’t be thrown into the fire right away. The reason it would benefit Trask to really sit behind someone is, he does have some mechanical issues. He doesn’t always use his legs. That could just be due to having heavy feet, hi footwork just looks pretty slow. All in all Trask (at the time of writing) is looking like an early Day 2 pick who could be the perfect heir to the Iron Throne, well I guess Steel in this case.

Other Good Landing Spots: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders

QB5, Desmond Ridder (Cincinnati)


Desmond Ridder is a 6’4″ 215lb dual threat QB who has an absolute CANNON for an arm. Sound a little familiar Panther fans? Teddy Bridgewater has been meh so far for Carolina. Ridder would provide Carolina a QB who can do it all in the Joe Brady offense. He can hit the deep ball and take advantage of the reemergence of Robby Anderson, he can run options with Christian McCaffrey, and more. Ridder has the big arm and the athleticism every single NFL GM dreams of. Ridder is a running, gunslinging QB that Matt Rhule will love in Carolina. Ridder does have some issues that are quite apparent. He is not Dat 1 starter material, he’s just not. He is always staring down field which leads to sacks and missed throws underneath. His ball placement is quite streaky. However that may have been due to a shoulder injury he picked up last season. All in all, Ridder is a good Day 2 or 3 pick that could prove to be a good long term starter for a team that needs a long term option at QB, might just take a little longer than some of the other guys on this list.

Other Good Landing Spots: New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Las Vegas Raiders

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