27 Nov 2020

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Analytical Case Files: Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State

Scene from Iowa State vs Oklahoma State football game at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa on October 26, 2019. Photo © Wesley Winterink.

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Draft Rite ACF featuring Iowa State’s TE Charlie Kolar!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another fun and informative edition of Draft Rite’s ACF. In this article, I(Brandon Meyers), will be stepping out of the comfort zone just slightly and diving into the Tight End position. As you can see in the title, we’ll be focusing on Iowa State University’s own Charlie Kolar.

Now before we get going on this article with the basics, notes, film breakdown/my impressions, I do want to make a note of my own letting you guys know I did plan on making this article a few months back but since changing film distribution, things are able to move forward. It was fun watching his film and checking out his raw stats but anyways lets get going!

As you all know we start out with the basics and notes courtesy of the Iowa State Athletics website.

  • H&W: 6’6”/257lbs
  • Class: Redshirt Junior
  • Hometown: Norman, Okla
  • High School: North HS
  • Redshirted initial Freshman year in ‘17
  • RS Freshman(2018):
    • Second Team All-Big-12.
    • First Team Academic All-Big-12.
    • Played in all 13 Games, Started 3.
  • Sophomore(2019):
    • PFF & FWAA Second Team All American.
    • AP Third Team All-American.
    • First Team All-Big-12.
    • First Team Academic All-American.
    • John Mackey Award Finalist.
    • Started 10 out of 13 games.
  • Out of HS:
    • Chose Iowa State over Oklahoma State.
    • Rankings:
      • Unanimous 3 Star Recruit according to Rivals, 247Sports, ESPN, & Scout.
      • No. 12 Player out of Oklahoma.
      • No. 45 TE by ESPN.

Alright! Now that we got the basics and fun facts out of the way, let’s move onto the raw stats!

Ok, let’s try to get some common ground here when looking at these stats. Obviously year 1 on the books, we’re not seeing too much. During the 13 game span we can tell it was an occasional throw here and there with some scores attached to it, but still not bad for a freshman in game. Sophomore year, we see a turn up in production! While exploring the Cyclones website for the notes and basics, there was a little snippet that said Charlie was their midfield/inside the box security blanket. We can definitely see it in the stats above. Exactly 697 yards, 13.7 average, and 7 TD. We got three 7’s in there, so it might as well be their jackpot. Judging by the awards, recognition, and stats above we can only make the assumption that he’s due for more improvement and a better year to come.

Now we can move to the film evaluation part of the article. There were two films I was able to get in before getting pulled away for other personal things, and that was vs Texas & vs Oklahoma. Both games were close and fun to watch this kid be productive. Also, remember what I said earlier about kind of stepping out of the comfort zone, well I’m gonna give my best impressions/criticism on the route running/receiving side of it.

Starting out with the construction side of it. I’m gonna be honest here for me there wasn’t much to criticize. Against Oklahoma there were definitely some clear cut he needed to get more separation during the long ball tries while going against man coverage. There were some dropped balls where you were open but you know that’s a fairly easy fix, use the tennis ball trick during practice or off season. As far as the blocking, very minimal correction, just stay on the block until you’re ready to go to the next level with your Skills.

And speaking of the blocking side, I was highly ecstatic that Mr. Kolar was pushing around guys almost 100lbs bigger than him, also flowed naturally to the next level and blocked the skills with ease. Came natural with the right hand placement, being low, and wonderful footwork. Moving back to the receiver side of the position, I was really impressed with how effective he ran his assignments or adjusted to get open in Zone coverage. I could very well see with my own eyes why he was their in the box/midfield security blanket. Knows how to secure the ball very well during and after the catch. With some dedicated improvement and a set of breakout years on the collegiate level I see no reason why he can’t make a huge impact at the professional level.

Let’s go ahead and wrap this up, with everything I’ve seen and read, there isn’t any reason why anyone would doubt this dude. Solid performances all around. We can call this a case closed on accounts of an effective TE with both qualities in blocking and receiving. I hope you all enjoyed this piece, I know it was fun and different on my end. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns in this article please reach out in the various forms. Don’t forget to follow all of us at Draft Rite on your favorite social media platform and subscribe to the newsletters. Have a great day/night everyone!

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