18 Sep 2020

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DraftRite Round Table: The University of Georgia QB Room


Hello everyone & welcome to the first of many DraftRite Round Table articles and podcasts. We’re happy to bring you our first major edition featuring the University of Georgia’s own QB Room. Please come on and join Erik(@HindenburgScout), Brandon(@BTMeyers_), and not but least Alex(@CheckTDown)’s fun discussion and leave us your thoughts after checking out our analysis. Let’s get this going!

Athens, Georgia; home of the Bulldogs, there, a battle is brewing. With incoming transfer quarterbacks Jamie Newman (Wake Forest) and JT Daniels (USC), the QB room is getting crowded with the season approaching fast, the Georgia staff needs to name a starter soon. Both of these players have their own strengths and weaknesses, here, the draftrite team will break down each player and let you decide who should start this season. 

Jamie Newman

Alex: Listed as 6’4 230 pounds, Newman possesses prototypical size for the position. Newman uses his size to his advantage as he is very mobile and can be a threat with his legs (something the Bulldogs have lacked in recent years). With great arm strength, Newman can make throws to all levels of the field, however accuracy can be suspect at times, as can mental lapses in his game. Newman is a different player at the quarterback position than Georgia has had in recent years, I believe he will have an uphill climb in the quarterback room. 

Brandon: Definitely with the basic stats we can see that he’s a fairly big bodied(lean strength) QB with good arm strength. What I liked about watching Newman play for Wake Forest was that he was good with his legs and fairly accurate with his ball placement but didn’t have the WR consistency according to the few pieces of film that I watched. The delayed slow read RPO offense that they ran against N. Carolina was very painful to watch in general coming from someone who is a fan of fast & explosive reads the result in huge plays or very bad plays. Jamie Newman overall would be a good piece for the Bulldogs to take advantage of. If they(GA) can work on him getting a little faster during the designed runs or even just giving him better receivers will help this kid succeed in general. He does remind me of a traditional pocket passer but has flashes or the potential of being able to scramble and get the first if not more.

Erik: Jamie Newman possesses an ideal frame and has a tantalizing blend of athleticism and natural arm talent. His connection with Sage Surratt was one of the best in the ACC last season. Newman has the arm talent to drive the football into tight windows with high level velocity. Showed the ability to put touch on the ball, and was consistently able to hit on throws to all levels of the field. When Newman’s accuracy is on, he throws a tremendous deep ball. As a runner in the open field, he brings a valuable skill that Georgia isn’t accustomed to having. He is fast, elusive and surprisingly powerful when given time to build momentum.Tends to play a much more aggressive game than Jake Fromm did in his time as the starter, he will take risks and go for the big play sometimes a little too often. Mental lapses are too common for a player with his experience, and his accuracy is streaky even when his mechanics don’t break down under duress in the pocket. Turnovers can be ugly at times. I definitely see a ton of upside to Jamie Newman and see him as a legitimate NFL prospect at this stage, albeit in a backup/developmental role.

JT Daniels

Erik: JT Daniels was thrust into the limelight at USC and turned in a mixed bag in his time there. Intelligent and generally safe with the football, Daniels seems to see the field very well for such a young player, giving me hope that he can be an efficient and effective starter. Sound familiar, Georgia fans? I do have serious questions about his ability to drive the football on intermediate to deep routes, and he rarely attacked the middle of the field at least in part due to this. Daniels was surrounded by tremendous talent at USC, and I know the team expected him to take a big step forward in his second year before a season ending injury in the opener. Highly touted coming into college, there are plenty of people who believe JT Daniels can grow into a high level quarterback as he gains experience.

Brandon: After watching the available film on Mr. JT Daniels we can definitely see a lot of good potential in him. Noticing right off the bat that he gives off all the traits of a solid west coast pocket/scramble stick to the pass QB. This isn’t a bad thing at all but before we go into the good let’s start off with some construction. When going back to the 2018 game vs Texas we see he’s pressured and throws way too quick to whatever his initial read is and consistently threw into heavy traffic, not something you wanna always see in a coaching/scouting perspective but makes for a good highlight reel if the receiver catches it. Against Fresno State in 2019 I seen a huge turn around that allowed me to see wonderful next level skills. Solid accuracy and consistency even in tight coverage. If he could sell the run a little better then he’d be set for sure.

Alex: As a Georgia fan myself, watching JT Daniels was bitter sweet. I saw the potential on many types of throws with adequate arm strength on out routes from the opposite hash. However, I did not see Daniels attack the middle of the field. This is concerning because teams should want their quarterbacks to make throws to all levels of the field. Reminiscent of Jake Fromm in many ways, I would not be surprised to see Daniels starting in Athens. 

Roundtable Opinions

Erik: In my eyes, this should be a clear cut decision for the powers that be in Athens. While Daniels does seem to be more in the mold of the player they have preferred in years past, all that has led to is disappointment. Georgia is too talented a team to be getting bounced in the SECCG season after season. Jamie Newman has his flaws, but he is a playmaker. He has the better arm, he is a much superior athlete and he is more experienced. I’d roll with Newman and make it clear that he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder every time he has a bad series.  

Brandon: After watching both players in depth it’s kind of a toss up for me. But all in all, with the evolution with the game and plenty of teams moving towards the Dual Threat RPO and Double/Triple Option offense over the West Coast style, Georgia included. Taking Newman as a starter will give them that edge they need to make it over that hump they are missing. Not saying JT Isn’t a good option to start but there are some qualities that Jamie Newman has over him. I could really see this battle going either way. Both would transition well to the next level but for GA’s current situation it’ll be Newman this season(forbid any injuries or illness), and then maybe Daniels the following if Newman goes into the draft.

Alex: Man, I think that the battle is going to be close. There is so much to love about both players, but one player stands out to me, Jamie Newman. I think he should be the starter this fall as he brings a new dynamic to the Bulldogs’ offense with his legs. In a new system, and a new coaching staff that emphasizes the mental aspect of the game, Newman may have some trouble adjusting.

However, the coaching staff has preferred less athletic quarterbacks in favor of a stronger mental game recently. This means that Daniels has an opportunity to claim the starting role this season. Again, both are talented players and I think head coach Kirby Smart will have a tough decision to make regarding the quarterback position. In the end, I believe that Newman will have the edge over Daniels due to his athleticism. The game of football is changing and I think it is time for a change of pace in Athens. 

Thank you to everyone who stopped in to our Round Table meeting! We hope you enjoyed reading it and we enjoyed writing. Like said earlier on in this article please let us know what you think and what your predictions are going to be for this intense duel at the position for the Bulldogs. Have a great day or night, wherever you may be.

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