27 Oct 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

Every Summer, we all dive headfirst into the upcoming draft class. Starved for football, and missing the draft season intensity, opinions are formed about hundreds of players only to be moot points by the conclusion of the NCAA football season. I don’t like working that hard twice. So, I’m taking a new approach with Summer scouting. I’m still watching tape, I’m still evaluating, I’m just not putting guys through my scale and getting super in depth. The process is much more laid back and focused on getting a feel for these players, and what I’ll be paying attention to when football (hopefully) returns. There will be exceptions of course, as there are some players I just can’t help but spend hours on because it’s just so much damn fun. I hope you enjoyed part one, featuring Trevor Lawrence, Kyle Trask, Kellen Mond and Justin Fields. Anyways, here’s some thoughts on some of the quarterbacks I’m keeping my eyes on.

Skylar Thompson, Kansas State

Height: 6’2 Weight: 212lbs Career Statistics: 4,244yards, 26TDs, 11INTs, 1,038 Rushing yards 18TDs. Entering his 4th year at Kansas State, Skylar Thompson is poised to have his best season yet. He’s not really on the radar yet, but he should be.

Kansas State isn’t exactly a powerhouse program. You may not even know the name Skylar Thompson yet. That’s okay, I’ll forgive you, because I didn’t until recently either. He may be slight in frame, but this kid can play football. As far as quarterback prospects go, he’s actually going to finish quite high in my rankings if he builds on his 2019 season. Athletic, tough, and most importantly, accurate, Skylar Thompson brings some very interesting tools to the table. I haven’t been able to find much quality film on him yet, but what I have seen has been promising. He needs to speed up his processing and improve on his pocket awareness and ball security, among other things, but some intriguing skills to work with. He makes tuning into Wildcat football must see TV for me this season.

Brock Purdy, Iowa State

Height: 6’1 Weight: 212lbs Career Statistics: 5,695yards, 43TDs, 14INTs. 527 Rushing yards, 11 TDs. Brock Purdy has been a productive and fun quarterback while at Iowa State, and has become somewhat of a darling by some of DraftTwitter.

Brock Purdy is someone who I have seen some people I respect be really high on, so I was very interested to turn on his tape finally. Two things really impressed me about Purdy when watching- his athleticism and his arm. He is much more dangerous and willing as a runner than I anticipated and it’s a skill that can be utilized at the next level. He has a live arm and is capable of driving the ball when necessary and can threaten the defense deep. He generally is able to make quick decisions from the pocket and can manipulate the pocket to buy time as well. The biggest thing I need to see from Purdy next season to make him a viable quarterback prospect is improvement in his mechanics. Too often, throwing with an unstable base or off of his back foot killed either the velocity of the throw or the accuracy. It’s exacerbated under duress but happens naturally as well which is a big concern for me. I can understand why some are high on him as a prospect, but he has substantial improvements to make to be considered a potential starter. He’s firmly in the second tier of quarterback prospects right now with plenty of developmental upside and traits to warrant a mid to late day 2 selection if he shows improvement in the upcoming season.

Tanner Morgan, Minnesota

Height: 6’2 Weight: 215lbs Career Statistics: 4,244 yards, 35TDs, 12 INTs. Tanner Morgan is considered by many as an underrated prospect headed into the season. With a talented team and stud WR, he is indeed poised to have his best statistical season.

Tanner Morgan has a good, not great arm with very limited mobility. Clean footwork in the pocket and through his delivery below the waist leads to a generally accurate ball. Morgan excels at attacking the seam and quick rhythm breaking routes across the middle. I noted some struggles when attempting to attack defenses deep or outside the numbers. He can at times predetermine where he wants to go with the football and struggle to come off of his first read. My first impression of Morgan is a high floor low ceiling backup caliber NFL prospect. I know some people think he can change that perception.

Well folks, only 3 this time, my apologies. But I really wanted to get Part II out while still at the beach! Thank y’all so much for making this fun. Let me know what you think of my early impressions of these quarterback prospects, and let me know who you want me to discuss next! My podcast “Heat With Hindenburg” has officially launched, so be sure to tune in! Oh yeah, we’re giving away another jersey in case you haven’t heard. So follow us, like and RT the tweet for a chance to win a free jersey on us! Be on the lookout for Part III coming soon.

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