24 Nov 2020

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Analytical Case File: Josh Myers, C, The Ohio State

Welcome to another edition of the Analytical Case Files featuring Ohio State's own C Josh Myers. Let's get to work!

Ladies and gentlemen! Fans of all ages! Welcome to another edition of the ACF, where we dive and dig into the possible prospects of the NFL draft and just players we think will do well in their college career in general. Even if they struggle one year, one game, or even just one play there is no reason why said player won’t do well later on in his(or maybe one day her) will do well in the game! In this issue, we’re going to be discussing on of my personal favorites on the OFFENSIVE side of the ball. Yes, as it says in the headline, The Ohio State University’s own Center Josh Myers(No relation, I have the extra E in my last name lol). Anyways, let’s get down to business.

Starting things out let’s go with the basics and fun history lesson courtesy of the Ohio State Buckeyes athletics website.

  • H&W: 6’5″/ 312lbs
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Miamisburg, OH
  • High School: Miamisburg
  • Second Team All-B1G
  • Big breakout season in his first year as a starter in 2019, playing over 900 snaps.
  • Helped pave the way for OSU’s first ever 2000 yard RB J.K Dobbins and Heisman Trophy finalist QB Justin Fields w/ 51 TD’s.
  • Was named a “Champion” by the OSU coaching staff nine times in 2019 and was Player of The Game following the game agains Maryland.
  • Redshirted as a freshman in 2017 and was backup to All-American Michael Jordan in 2018.
  • Sports Industry Major
  • Rankings
    • No. 57 Overall player, No. 3 at Guard by Scout.
    • No. 55 Overall player, No. 2 at Guard by Rivals.
    • No. 6 at Guard by ESPN.
    • No. 54 Overall player by 247Sports
  • Former US Army All-American and AP Division II all-state pick out of Miamisburg.
    • Helped them reach a 32-12 four year record with four state playoff appearances.
  • Comes from a very athletic family.
    • Mother, Julie, is in the University of Dayton(OH) Athletics Hall of Fame for Basketball
    • Father, Brad, was an Offensive Lineman for the University of Kentucky Wildcats between 1984-87
    • Brother, Zach, was also OL for the UK Wildcats between 2012-2015.

Alright now that we got that all out of the way let’s move on to some other discussions on what might be in film. Unfortunately there aren’t very many stats out there on offensive linemen in general. I couldn’t even find how many pancake blocks the guy had in his college career so far. If someone does happen to have access to that please let us here at Draft Rite know! We’re asking nicely! Anyways, moving on. There are a few things that I wanna discuss with you all on what can be worked on before going into what makes this guy easily one of the nations top 5 centers in college football.

While watching 3 different films on the OSU offensive line(Maryland, Michigan State, and Wisconsin) we could see the J. Myers is a beastly of a center but like I said above there are some things that need to be worked on. Now, during 2/3 games there almost all game on just about every play he did what was right, but in the game against Wisconsin there was a lot of miscommunication and blocks that got shedded due to not holding onto the block or going to the next level too soon. Some of these aren’t necessarily his fault, because his guards are also assigned to stay on a certain block and allow him to get to the LB’s/DB’s. Also in this tape there were some instances where he was moving way too fast for what the LB’s were doing. They would be waiting patiently in a proper stance and either move to the side or backwards to where he couldn’t get his hands on them. The only thing I could possibly recommend if my good sir so happens to read this is to breakdown to a good and steady pace once you get past level 1 in the defense. I know that communication with the your fellow offensive lineman is important, but it seemed like in that game during the first quarter and part of the second that they couldn’t keep on agreement. Later on, things got better as the Josh had control and better communication with his unit and QB. Either way the team came out with a huge win against Wisconsin in the regular season.

Now the good stuff. During all parts of the other two games that I’ve seen this guy was taking everyone to Pancake City, if not to the outskirts. This guy knows how to take lead and command like a real offensive line general should. He has the right stance, great snap, solid strength, elusive quickness, staying low and everything you could ask for in a quality Center/Guard. Against MSU and MD you could obviously see him pushing around guys who looked quicker and about the same strength size as him. When the pass rush came he was consistently staying low and never getting knocked back and off balance. J. Myers is a definitely a guy you’d want on your team at the next level. Like I said earlier on we all may have one bad play or game here and there but let’s not knock the hustle and grind of this young gentleman. If I didn’t know that Miamisburg, OH was almost like a suburb city, you could’ve sold me on the fact that he was a corn fed farm boy.

All in all, this guy will no doubt go in the early-mid first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. When it comes down to it, go what the film on this guy and be amazed on how bad ass he is. You won’t regret it, I promise you. As we finish this up, we can officially call a case closed on this on the account of Ohio State producing a top 5 center. At least in my book. Till next time I hope everyone has a great day/night! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to me via comments below, Twitter(@BTMeyers_), or email(Meyers6570@gmail).

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