27 Oct 2020

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Analytical Case File: Jordon Scott, DL, Oregon

Welcome to another ACF featuring Oregon’s own Jordon Scott. Please join us as we dive into analyzing this exceptional young gentleman.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of all ages! We bring you another open case file. As promised during and after the poll, I’d write about this certified G of a Defensive Tackle, Mr. Jordon Scott out of the exciting, fast, and electrifying team of Oregon. And for people who are just joining us for the first time, welcome to the Analytical Case Files by Draft Rite. Where we look at multiple points, stats, and give opinions on various players along the collegiate level of the sport and how well they’ll transition to the next level. It’s very exciting brining these articles to y’all and let’s get to work.

As always we start out with various bullet points on the basics and bio that makes them stand out. Bear with me, there’s a lot this time!

  • H&W: 6’1”/ 325lbs
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Largo, FL
  • High School: Pinellas Park
  • Two time PAC-12 All-Conference honorable mention(Junior & Sophomore years).
  • Started 37 out of 38 during the past 3 seasons
  • Team captain 4 times during college career( 2 Junior & 2 Sophomore)
  • Junior Year:
    1. Played 514 snaps to rank 13th among PAC-12.
    2. Graded No. 22 PAC-12 defensive linemen against the run according to PFF
  • Sophomore year:
    1. AP PAC-12 All-Conference Second Team.
    2. Phil Steele PAC-12 All-Conference Third Team.
    3. Ranked 7th according to PFF against the run
  • Freshman Year:
    1. PFF PAC-12 Rank No. 6 against the run.
    2. FWAA Freshman All-American.
    3. 247 Sports True Freshman All-American.
    4. Team Freshman of the Year award.
  • Out of Pinellas Park:
    1. Unanimous 3 star prospect according to ESPN, Rivals, and 247Sports.
    2. No. 51 DT in Nation & No. 106 prospect in FL.
    3. First Team All-Pinellas County as a Senior.
    4. Chose Oregon over 20 other teams!

Like I said before we got a lot of bullet points today courtesy of the Oregon Ducks FB website! Go check it out if you wanna see more of the ducks in action. Now that we have all those out on the table, let’s move onto the raw stats.

When looking at these stats you see a fairly impressive or decent, pending on who you are and what you’re looking at in whatever perspective there may be. But overall, this guy is a legit powerhouse, and will help out whatever team he goes to at the next level. It could be immediately, could take a little bit of time. As a freshman in ‘17 we see that 34 tackles(20 solo, 14 assists), and 2 sacks, which is impressive nonetheless. Sophomore year, just a slight slump but still impressive with 29 tackles, 1 Sack, and 1 pass deflections. And then last season he turned the heat back up and botched a few more tackles with 32 total but unfortunately no supporting stats. With all this being said

Now that we got the raw stats taken care of let’s move onto the next part of this. On film, you may not see too much pizazz or anything of that nature. I watched two games, vs Cal and vs Arizona State. This guy is a critical piece in the defense and you can’t tell me otherwise. There is a solid reason why they graded him so high in HS and why he earn 2nd/3rd team and honorable mentions. Jordon Scott is a wonderful reader and manipulator against the offensive line. Also does well to help collapse the pocket to make the traditional pocket passers scramble and become vulnerable. This guy will literally open the hole for the LB’s and DB’s to come up and make the play, if he doesn’t do it himself!

There’s very little constructive criticism to give outside of continue to stay low, don’t let yourself get to high(like we seen in some plays) and work on getting a little faster in the pursuit drills. You have good angles and off the bat acceleration but let’s get that speed up my good sir.

As far as the praise goes like I started in the paragraph before last, this guy is a solid player and will transition well to the next level. And hopefully we get a full football season this year, he’ll succeed again. When you look at the couple sets of film on J. Scott, you can see that when he get’s a successful low grip on the offensive linemen he follows the ball wherever it goes. After getting that feat done, we see a pretty damn good rip or club & rip move to get the tackle in on the BC or just to pressure the QB to make rough throws and hopefully cause an INT. Has a great stance even with the shift over that the Oregon Defense likes to throw at opposing offenses. Good footwork and hand placement is 8/10 times on point. Does a good job a fighting the double team too. Like I said before he just needs to work on those things and maybe a few fundamental refreshers.

When we look at all these things like what we see on film and in the raw stats, we see that it’s fairly clear his play style is to stop the run at any & all times and create pressure on the QB but allow the guys behind him to steal the ball in the air. Oregon has done a good job in putting together this defense and made a smart move in picking up a key pressure player and run stopper. All of the qualities that are listed above will help him do well in his senior season and in the next part of the football life. Just take a second of your time to see what I’m talking about, you won’t regret it.

Overall I believe Mr. Jordon Scott is a great player on the field and has the clear view potential to be successful this season coming up but also to maybe even reach the later part of the 1st, early part of round 2 in the NFL Draft. We’ll definitely find out by time it get’s here.

For now, we can officially call this a case closed! If at a later point we have to revisit and reopen it we definitely will. Till then I hope everyone enjoyed this and learned a new thing or two. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out via twitter(@btmeyers_) or email(Meyers6570@gmail). Have a great morning/day/evening/night everyone and remember to smile and enjoy the little things!

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