14 Aug 2020

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Analytical Case File: Tyler Davis, DL, Clemson

Welcome as we discuss the phenomenon true freshman DL Tyler Davis!

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen, fans of all ages! Hope you all are having a great morning/day/evening/night/etc, we here at DraftRite bring you another case file on yet another… dare I say it… Yes another Defensive Lineman! As the Drake song goes “Yeah, goin’ back to back.” Anyways as the title says we’re going to look at Clemson’s very own True Freshman going into his Sophomore year, beastly Tyler Davis. So far, after watching some film on this kid, I can tell you that he has tremendous potential to wreck havoc on opposing offenses in the coming years whether he declares for the NFL draft after this season with league approval or throughout his college career in general.

Now that we got the introductions out of the way, let’s look at the basics.

  • H&W: 6’2″/295lbs
  • Hometown: Apopka, FL
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Rated as the no. 60 nationally overall by ESPN, and No. 7 overall best player & in position in FL coming out of Wekiva HS.
  • Second Team All-ACC Selection
  • The First True Freshman defensive tackle to start a season opener for Clemson since Jeff Mills 1974
  • Pre-Business Major

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Ok, so let’s be honest here. This is pretty impressive for a someone only going into their sophomore year. The raw stats speak for itself, and when you look at the film you see a kid who is exceeding expectations for as young as he is. There isn’t much constructive criticism to give in the games that some of here had seen but Let’s go ahead and dive into the overall of it.

If I had to give this guy any criticism it would be to get stronger, faster, and find more ways to either read the guy(s) across from them or better ways to just knock them on their ass/off balance to have enough time to get to the ball carrier. T Davis does need to find his signature move to get passed the OL, but it’ll come with time and coaching. While watching his film against Wake Forest and the All-22 against LSU he didn’t struggle much except when the opponent double teamed him. With being a freshman last year here’s so much potential to continue to improve and be an absolute monster the next few years and easily become a top 10 overall NFL prospect.

Now with the praise it really comes down to how smart this kid is on the football field. In the game vs WF you can clearly see he does solid reads on the OL and following the ball. Not only does he read well but also he stays lower than the guy across from him and just escapes the block with finesse. It’s absolutely amazing on how he can also manipulate the OL to allow the LB’s and secondary to come up from behind him and make the play. Clemson did a great job not only picking this young gentleman up but also coaching him up to where he needs to be to compete at such a high level.

Overall at this point after going over him with you the readers we can hopefully come to the common consensus that Tyler Davis will not only be a impact player for years to come but he’ll be regarded as a top 10-15 pick whenever he declares. Later on when we have more information we may revisit this file, but as for now we can consider this a case closed on the fact that he is a legit Defensive Tackle. Thank you for joining us today and we hope you continue to come back for wonderful content.

Thank you again, if you have any questions or concerns please comment below, in the contact page, or on whatever social media platform you’re on. Have a great day everyone!!!

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