24 Nov 2020

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Why Kyle Trask is poised to be the next Joe Burrow

There has been a void of talent at the quarterback position for a long while now in ‘The Swamp’, since the days of phenom, Tim Tebow. Now, the Florida Gators have a real shot at contending for the national championship all thanks to Kyle Trask. Trask will into the season ranked seventh-best at the position according to my rankings with the opportunity to make some noise just as Joe Burrow did in his final collegiate season. 

Trask has the tools and intangibles to be the next big thing. The 6’4” quarterback will look to improve his draft stock after formerly being a career backup, not starting a single game going back to his freshman year of high school all the way into the 2019 season because of an injury to starting signal-caller, Feleipe Franks. This means that this season will be his first full year as a starter at the University of Florida. 


Mentioning that Trask has been a backup for most of his career is important, as it shows his love and determination for the game of football. Despite being a backup for most of his career, he stuck with it, being a great teammate and working hard to improve his game. This is undoubtedly one trait that enamored scouts with Joe Burrow, his love of the game, and his will to win. Arguably a trait that some of the best in the game possess.

Trask wins using anticipation and high football IQ. Often times we observe Trask throwing his receivers open and manipulating the defense with his eyes. Although he does not have the strongest arm, Trask is still able to throw the ball with enough juice to make it to the target on time. Some of his throwing issues may come from his mechanics which could be fixed to improve his velocity and accuracy. 


In this clip, we see that when everything is clicking for Trask, he is able to fit the ball in tight windows with velocity accurately. With more reps and proper coaching, I believe we will see a jump in his game pushing him into the conversation of an early-round draft pick. 

We also see Trask winning by evading pressure and escaping the pocket to make throws when needed. In this instance, we see the awareness Trask possesses to elude the pressure and making a wonderful throw on the run for a big gain.



Bluntly, Trask does not have the best or most talented arm, but neither did Joe Burrow. Some of his weaknesses stem from poor mechanics and not stepping into throws. This negatively impacts the accuracy and velocity of his throws at times. This means that sometimes his throws will flutter or even sail on him, making it difficult for receivers to catch the ball.
By adjusting his mechanics and throwing motion, Trask stands a great chance at displaying new found velocity and accuracy this season, making him a more well rounded and valuable prospect.


I expect Kyle Trask to make a jump this year on his road to improving his draft stock, how much? Only time will tell. However, do not be surprised when his name starts buzzing once the season starts as he has the tools and ability to make the famous Joe Burrow like jump in his playing ability.

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