27 Oct 2020

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Taking A Peek at the 2021 NFL OL Draft Class

Hi everyone! Welcome to another fun NFL Draft Article based around the big guys up front. Now this one may not be as lengthy as the previous offensive line article but let’s go on this ride anyways. Also real quick be on the lookout for future case files and film breakdown on the individual players closer to time when more of it becomes available. Ready… Break!

Recently a Top 50 2021 NFL Draft prospects was released by fellow Draft hobbyists at Sporting News, but here in this article on this site we wanna dig into the offensive lineman in that list first. P.s there are a total of 12. I promise I(Brandon Meyers) will get to the Defensive lineman, but patience friends. Anyways moving on, let’s go in their order.

  • Penei Sewell, T, Oregon
  • Walker Little, T, Stanford
  • Alex Leatherwood, T, Alabama
  • Sam Cosmi, T, Texas
  • Deonte Brown, G, Alabama
  • Cade Mays, G/T, Tennessee
  • Trey Smith, G/T, Tennessee
  • Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma
  • Jalen Mayfield, T, Michigan
  • Trey Hill, C, Georgia
  • Thayer Munford, G, The Ohio State
  • Wyatt Davis, G, The Ohio State

When looking at this list we can definitely already tell that it’s loaded with solid talent who can make immediate impact on day one of the season pending the right kind of transition with coaching, understanding of the team playbook, and the desire to be better. Now would I rank some of these guys higher and some lower? Yes because with the move to a more mobile option offense transition in the NFL we want to see big guys who can move and are used to that. For example I’d rank the two from OSU and the one from Oklahoma higher than the two players from Tennessee. Trying to stay unbiased but when you see a successful offensive front adjust to the RPO like they do, it’s kinda hard to beat the facts. Soon we’ll dig deeper into these guys, but till we get more film on them there’s not much opinions we can give if we’re being honest here. We can analyze and pick apart last seasons film all we want(don’t put it past me to go ahead and do it anyways) but I’m sure we’re all ready to see what kind of jump these guys make.

And to end the little sneak peak I want to thank you guys personally for stopping by to read this. It may have been alittle shorter like stated earlier but it’s a time of uncertainty. Anyways stay tuned for breakdowns and more in-depth analysis of each individual player and have a great day!

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