28 Nov 2020

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Analytically Speaking on the Offensive Line

Hello, and good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you may be reading this! Let’s get introductions out of the way. My name is Brandon Meyers, I’m a new contributor here at NFL Draft Rite and super pumped to be here and bring you guys and gals out there reading this some fun and informative content. Real quick some of these articles that I put out may be little opinionated or op-ed including this one but looking to bring the entertainment with the case files on…. Wait for it… That’s right! As you read in the title the Offensive line, but don’t worry we’ll also be looking at the defensive line as well!

Before we dig into this would like everyone to know that back literally the day before the 2020 NFL Draft, I spent hours upon hours until I passed out on the couch watching college film on top prospects by position in the draft. There we 5 offensive lineman on this board before the slumber began. Under these player’s names were just short quick notes on what made them awesome or just what stood out.

IMG_0246 With the spreadsheet to the side of me you can see where things went. All these guys listed here are exceptional players and thoroughly believe they will do well at the next level. When we look at all these offensive linemen, primarily the Guard and Center position you know they mean business and can make an immediate impact on the field. When putting together that chart back in April as you can see was kinda sloppy and rushed. Don’t worry everyone next draft season will be much more in-depth, more stats/dashes, and overall much better to read and understand. Rookie mistakes I know.

Ok we’re gonna go little TMI here but when I got home during round two or three I was sitting on the toilet literally waiting to see who was going to take Shane Lemieux or Tyler Biadasz. Those two were the top C/G’s out of this no particular order list even though it has Ruiz at the top. These two guys when watching 2-3 full film sessions per player are definitely some of the best out of the 5. I don’t care what team you’re a fan of at when writing this because I am low key jealous of your team for picking up these two studs. You could place Lemieux to Biadasz on just about any type of scheme and they’d be successful even though you can tell one of them is more standard I, Strong, Weak ground and pound set while the other has been trained in complex option and motion schemes. Let’s see you readers take a guess on who is who!

With the up and coming 2020 Season, we’re all looking to see what drafted or undrafted OL and DL players are able to make the jump and be successful at the next level but we’ll what happens. Now the one negative to any of these guys is without the right mentality and coaching they could be put out there and not translate to the NFL. One fear we don’t want to see, my hopes is that they all have their own success stories and dominate in the trenches.

Anyways thank you so much for stopping by, it was a pleasure to introduce to you the readers, and hopefully we can have more fun together analyzing the big boys who do the dirty work. Thank you everyone again for giving me and the NFL Draft Rite team for the opportunity! Let’s get to work and enjoy the rest of your day! This has been Brandon Meyers signing off until the next piece!

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