30 Oct 2020

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Summer Scouting Notes: QB Justin Fields, Ohio State

HT: 6’2″
WT: 223 lbs
DOB: 3/5/1999
Year: Junior
High School: Harrison (Kennesaw, Georgia)
Accolades: 2019 Heisman Trophy Finalist. 2019 2nd Team All-American, 1st Team All-Big Ten.

Scouting Report: QB Justin Fields, Ohio State

Arm Talent: Justin Fields possesses out-of-this-world arm strength and is able to hit any throw on the field. Has the confidence to spot the opening and make the quick decision to throw. Throws a very catchable touch pass and it looks pretty. He doesn’t need to be on his base to make a good throw, does well with manipulating arm angles, and keeping his release square. He has a very quick and tight release.

Accuracy/Placement: Fields accuracy is spotty at best. He doesn’t consistently hit a target. That being said, when he is on, Fields is on. He makes some pretty throws. Placement on his ball is normally very good. Puts the ball into safe spots and is able to squeeze it into tight windows. That being said, you really don’t see Fields throw with anticipation very well. Struggles to throw outside when it isn’t a timing concept and struggles to throw over the middle during timing concepts.

Technical Ability

Pocket Presence/Footwork: Justin Fields has incredible pocket awareness. Feels the pocket breaking down and moves well to extend the play and buy more time. His pocket presence is good but could use improvement. I think that sometimes he’s too willing to leave the pocket, move outside and scan down the field. The footwork is generally very good. I’d like to see him be more consistent as sometimes he seems to forget about it during the play.

Mobility/Play Creation: Fields has some of the best athleticism in the class, and can move around outside of the pocket to extend plays and make things happen. He throws very well on the move. Makes some crazy throws off platform while on the move that he shouldn’t be able to make. Fields is an excellent athlete that is very difficult to contain. Finds impossible ways out of pressure from the pocket.

Mental Ability

Field Vision/Football IQ: Sees the field extremely well and has the confidence to pull the trigger when he sees the opening. Doesn’t often hesitate. I think sometimes he tries to force things and gets carried away with trying to get the big play. He had a lot of passes last season that should have been intercepted. He definitely is pretty well advanced in terms of reading the field and going through progressions. Ohio State has had him running full-field reads just about his entire career at Ohio State thus far.

Leadership/Personality: Vocal leader who at times seems goofy. Some will perceive this as immaturity, others will say it’s cocky. Don’t buy it. Fields is well-liked by his teammates and just likes to have some fun. Clean off of the field record. He will bring good chemistry to the locker room and a good work ethic to the field.


Justin Fields is a talented athlete who has a God-given cannon for an arm. His arm strength might just be the best in the class. Shows the confidence and field vision to make good throws decisively across the field. Far more advanced mentally than most of the more mobile quarterbacks who have entered the NFL Draft here as of late. Fields has some smaller flaws, yes, but we definitely need to see a full year where he pays attention to every little detail and implements that into his game. He’s a great talent, and I’m excited to see what he can do in 2020.

What I’d Like to See in 2020: I’d like to see consistency be more of a focus for Fields. From his pocket presence and footwork to his mechanics that fix the accuracy. I just want to see him ramp up his focus and put everything he has learned together. I don’t want to see him force as much in 2020, and I want to see him start throwing with more anticipation.

Grade: Low Impact

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