26 Nov 2020

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Summer Scouting Notes: QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

HT: 6’6″
WT: 220 lbs
DOB: 10/6/1999
Year: Junior
High School: Cartersville (Cartersville, Georgia)
Accolades: 2019 1st Team All-ACC, 2nd Team All-ACC Academic. 2018 Freshman All-American, 2nd Team All-ACC. 2018 ACC Rookie of the Year, ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year, 1st Team All-ACC Academic.

Scouting Report: QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

Arm Talent: Trevor Lawrence has good arm talent and it’s certainly NFL caliber. Threw the ball upward around 30 times a game. Has the ability to throw off-platform and retain the arm strength. I think Lawrence, for the most part, knows when to throw with touch and when not to, but sometimes he will fire a bullet when you need him to lay a floater in there. Touch is something he will have to continue to grow with. His release is very quick and doesn’t require him to be on a platform to throw.

Accuracy/Placement: Accuracy with Lawrence is generally good, I just feel that there are a lot of throws that he is just off on. His placement is spotty at times, and he’s had an excellent receiving cast to help make up for it. Shows the ability to hit on the deep ball consistently, and when he does it’s very good. I think a lot of times he won’t put enough on it and he will just underthrow his receiver, especially when under pressure.

Technical Ability

Pocket Presence/Footwork: Lawrence has excellent pocket presence and awareness. His athletic ability allows him to flow effortlessly within the pocket and he senses it’s movement and adjusts his position. His footwork is very solid. I think Lawrence shows incredible poise as well from the pocket. He’s excellent in this area.

Mobility/Play Creation: Mobility is one of the things that Lawrence seriously brings to the field. He’s a true dual-threat quarterback, because of his ability to run with power. Throws well while moving, doesn’t lose accuracy or arm strength. Excellent athleticism allows him to be an effective runner. A physical runner who runs with power and isn’t afraid of contact. He will slide after the first down.

Mental Ability

Field Vision/Football IQ: Lawrence generally sees the field very well and makes good decisions for the most part. I think he suffers a bit from tunnel-vision, stares receivers down too often, and will be exposed if that doesn’t change rather quickly. Generally is the keyword, however, as he will oftentimes try to force passes to places where the ball shouldn’t be going. He improved on this significantly over the course of the season but threw 5 interceptions in the first 3 games of the 2019 season because of this tendency. Lawrence shows excellent field vision while running as well, and good awareness to know when to run and when not to.

Leadership/Personality: Lawrence is a quiet guy for the most part. No off of the field issues known. Has done his part off of the field for social-awareness issues. Raised several million dollars in COVID-19 relief.


Trevor Lawrence is an excellent franchise quarterback prospect. He’s a likable young man, he’s got a very good arm, and he’s been a winner all of his career. From a technical standpoint, he’s pretty solid. There isn’t much to his game that I can dock and say that he doesn’t do well. There are several little things that I would like to see him improve, but nothing that should limit his effectiveness as an immediate impact player in the NFL. His arm strength is there, his ability to place the ball and throw accurately, and his mobility adds another element to his game that makes him very difficult to defend. Lawrence will probably be the first overall pick next season, and if he isn’t he will be very close to that spot.

What I’d Like to See in 2020: The mental game show strides forward. I really want to see Lawrence stop staring receivers down and looking off safeties with more consistency next season. He needs to stop trying to force these balls into the hands of the guys that he is staring down. That being said, he needs to clean up his placement. I’d like to see the ball more consistently on the mark and not see his receivers adjusting to make catches. Lastly, I hope to see him throw with touch more consistently and be better aware of those situations.

Grade: Immediate Impact.

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