28 Nov 2020

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Summer Scouting Notes: QB Tanner Morgan, Minnesota

Minnesota quarterback Tanner Morgan (2) throws against Purdue during the first half of an NCAA college football game in West Lafayette, Ind., Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

HT: 6’2″
WT: 215 lbs
DOB: 4/17/1999
Year: Redshirt Junior
High School: Ryle (Union, Kentucky)
Accolades: 2019 2nd Team All-Big Ten, Academic All-Big Ten. 2018 Academic All-Big Ten.

Scouting Report: QB Tanner Morgan, Minnesota

Arm Talent: Tanner Morgan certainly has suitable arm talent and an NFL caliber arm. He has a very quick release. He doesn’t lose velocity due to inclement weather. Throws with touch extremely well. He knows when he needs to zip it and when he needs to lay it.

Accuracy/Placement: Morgan, for the most part, is a very accurate quarterback who places the ball well. He doesn’t throw well under pressure while moving. Flashes the ability to make incredible throws into tight windows, even while on the move, and throws with anticipation. Placement is generally great. I absolutely love his delivery.

Technical Ability

Pocket Presence/Footwork: Morgan’s pocket presence at times is very frantic. It seems as though the game has not yet slowed down for him, and his internal clock is still pumping on adrenaline. He doesn’t throw well under pressure, loses his platform, and struggles to accurately throw the ball when that happens. Morgan will try to force throws unnecessarily across his body. He stands in the pocket and faces contact with poise. Morgan’s footwork is phenomenal and out of this world very good.

Mobility/Play Creation: Morgan is fairly mobile and capable of extending plays with his legs. He keeps his eyes down the field as he moves out of the pocket. Tries to create a little bit too much by drifting backward and out of the play. I’d really like to see him work up in the pocket more. Capable scrambler, and can usually make things happen downfield.

Mental Ability

Field Vision/Football IQ: Morgan seems to see the field pretty well and generally makes good decisions. Shows the ability to look off defenders and open plays with his eyes. Shows a very solid understanding of defensive concepts and manipulates them with his action. Smart guy. Very exciting prospect.

Leadership/Personality: Morgan won the Neil Fredenburg Award this last year, an award given for passion for football. No known off of the field issues. Morgan won the starting job after a gritty camp and beat out Zack Annexstad halfway into the 2018 season, didn’t try to transfer. That should say a bit about his character.


Tanner Morgan is a potentially special project, probably one of the better quarterback prospects in this class. I absolutely love what he brings to the football field, and I think he has an excellent chance to be one of the best quarterbacks in this class. He’s got very good arm strength, he throws accurately with anticipation, and he’s mobile enough to really create plays in the backfield by extending them and keeping his eyes downfield. I think Morgan has a very bright future in the NFL and should be a first-round pick next year.

What I’d Like to See in 2020: Tanner Morgan has got to work on knowing when to throw the ball away instead of trying to force it. There are times where Morgan tries to be a hero and lofts the ball across his body into bad areas of the field. When he is forced to move out of the pocket and is running for his life, I’d like to see him be smarter with the football. We need to see that poise as well as stand within immense game-long pressure. I’m hoping that the game slows down for him this year. He might be unstoppable once that happens.

Grade: Instant Impact.

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