30 Oct 2020

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Summer Scouting Notes: RB Max Borghi, Washington State

HT: 5’9″
WT: 195 lbs
DOB: 4/23/1999
Year: Junior
High School: Pomona (Arvada, Colorado)
Accolades: 2019 All-PAC 12 Honorable Mention.

Summer Scouting Notes: RB Max Borghi, Washington State

Speed/Athleticism: Max Borghi is a very fluid athlete. He’s very quick, shows good speed (probably in the 4.5 forty range), and is very explosive. Nifty cuts and excellent body control make him a difficult guy to contain to almost any capacity.

Contact Balance: Borghi has incredible contact balance. Plays low with his already smaller, compact frame and is a nightmare in open space. Has the ability to run as both a scat-back and with power. Borghi is tough, has a ton of moves, and can run people over.

Receiving Ability: This is where Borghi makes his living. Borghi is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and was used sometimes out wide. Very much like James White/Danny Woodhead in this aspect of his game. Good, soft hands. I don’t remember seeing him drop a pass. Nifty route runner who ran an advanced tree at Washington State. Smooth on his cuts and oftentimes gets separation.

Blocking Ability: Borghi isn’t the world’s best blocker simply because of his size, but he found a way to be effective in college. Not a good blocker when moving forward needs to set to be effective i.e. a pass block. Definitely not the most technically sound player, but Borghi uses low blocks oftentimes to take defenders out of the play.

Field Vision/Football IQ: Borghi’s field vision is pretty stout too. Excellent runner both between the tackles and in space. Uses every aspect to his advantage. He’s a ton of fun to watch. Great football IQ that allows him to be in the right place at the right time. Oftentimes didn’t run routes because he recognized that there was a free rusher coming through the line so he would break off of his assignment to get that block.

Leadership/Personality: N/A.


Max Borghi has the perfect skillset to make a real difference at the next level. With the need for running backs that can impact the passing game in multiple ways, Borghi would be a good fit on half of the NFL teams straight off of the bat. I don’t think he will ever be a three-down back, but his value on both passing downs and in spread running concepts is something that will give him value in an NFL team’s eyes. I think if he could have declared this year, he would have, and he would have been drafted.

What I want to see in 2020: Just getting picky here, but I’d like to see him play a little bit harder when the play doesn’t move to his side of the field. Borghi oftentimes gives up on the play prematurely and I’d like to see that improvement in 2020. Also, his blocking technique could use some work. We will have to see if he is still as effective of a player in a new scheme with a new coach, that will be very telling to whether he declares for the 2021 class or waits one more year.

Grade: Low Impact.

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