18 Sep 2020

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Summer Scouting Notes: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State University

A small school athlete with big-time talent!

The 2021 Draft cant be talked about without mentioning the intriguing QB class. Headlined by names like Trevor Lawerence, and Justin Fields, its easy to forget the other prospects. It would be a mistake to forget Trey Lance out of North Dakota State University. A small school prospect out of the Missouri Valley Conference (FCS) put up big numbers. Ending last season with 40 total touchdowns (28 passing) and 0 interceptions.


  • Size: At 6’3 221 lbs, Lance has a similar (if not identical) build to Matthew Stafford.
  • Arm Strength: Lance has above-average arm strength and can make every NFL throw. He isn’t scared to take risks and put his arm strength on display to make the big plays needed in the NFL.
  • Accuracy: An underappreciated trait for a QB is not only the accuracy to hit their target. But also to throw them open. Lance already put that trait on display last season.
  • Mobility: Mobility is a trait that becomes closer to a necessity for the QB position every year. Lance ran for over 1,000 yards last season on 169 carries for 14 touchdowns.


  • Patience: At times, if the pocket collapses, Lance will prematurely choose to tuck it and run or even rush a throw. Showed signs of improving this as the year went on. But at the pro level will have to learn to be patient and take longer to survey the field thoroughly.
  • Competition: When you play in a smaller conference (and in Lance’s case the FCS), the talent level has to be considered. An elite level of production in 2019 raises the question can he translate those numbers to the NFL where the level of play will be elevated.
  • Injury Risks: Lane’s playstyle always brings a lot of excitement to the eyes, but also puts so much stress on the brain. He’s always trying to extend plays and gain the extra yard. He even had to have a procedure after last season concluded to nurse an injury that occurred in high school. Not many injury concerns have arisen, but the risk is there and needs to be monitored.

Way to early projection:

Lance has already seen his draft stock rise extensively since the 2020 draft concluded. Looking at his skill set and the success Carson Wentz, who also attended North Dakota State, has had in the league, I predict Lance to go round 1. Lance will have the option to return to school. Though it’ll be hard to turn down an early 1st round grade opportunity and payday.

What to watch in 2020:

Look for Lance to not only duplicate his stats from last year but build on them. The QB class next year is already thought to be a great one, an,d each will be under a microscope all season long and compared to each other. Watching Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and yes, even Trey Lance battle it out for draft position will be a lot of fun.

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