28 Nov 2020

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Summer Scouting Report: WR Taysir Mack, Pittsburgh

HT: 6’2″
WT: 205 lbs
DOB: 9/17/1998
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Grand Street Campus (Brooklyn, New York)
Accolades: N/A

Summer Scouting Report: WR Taysir Mack, Pittsburgh

Athleticism: Taysir Mack is one of the more explosive receivers entering the 2020 college football season. A supreme athlete, Mack shows the potential to be one of the fastest receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft. Mack gas great speed that in the open field can create separation on its own. Good, fluid movement.

Release/Route Running: Mack shows a good route tree understanding in the short to intermediate levels of the field. He seems to really struggle in the deep middle of the field. He was used as both an outside receiver and out of the slot and is effective in both roles. Works through contact well, and stays true to his route.

Catch Ability: Mack is very inconsistent with his catching ability. He shows flashes of being able to be a reliable receiver in traffic and through contact, making some fantastic catches throughout the 2019 season. However, he seems to struggle mentally with the deep ball. Won’t run under deep routes on occasion, instead tries to track them by turning his back, almost embracing for contact. He has a good catch radius and has flashed that ability to be a good receiver, he’s just not yet reliable.

Field Vision/Contact Balance: Mack can be a reliable threat after the catch, and was used for that ability. Has good field vision and can create things in space when given the chance. Contact balance is subpar, he won’t create much after that initial hit from a defender.

Blocking Ability: Taysir Mack is a tenacious blocker. I love the effort that he puts into it. He really takes pride in that aspect of his game. Mack doesn’t have too much of an issue locking people down, does so with ease, and plays with great play strength. I really think he might be one of the better perimeter blockers in the class.

Leadership/Personality: Mack has no known background issues. He talks well, he stays honest with the media and is overall a refreshing personality. Maybe a little bit awkward too. Shouldn’t be a problem in a locker room.


Taysir Mack is an intriguing prospect in this deep class of receivers (yet again). Clearly, traits and tools are there and they flash on tape. He can work through contact on routes, has the athleticism to be very good, and flashes great catch through contact ability. That being said, Mack has some issues that are glaring. The deep ball isn’t his strong suit, so it limits his speed threat to an extent. I think Mack has a chance to be a solid #2 receiver in this league, but Mack projects better to me as a slot receiver.

What I want to see in 2020: Mack has got to show consistent hands next year. We can’t deal with Mack dropping balls because of incoming contact, something that showed up a lot in the class. If he can do that, and track deep balls better, he can be one of the best receivers out of this class. We do need to see him get better about tracking deep balls too and taking contact downfield to make catches.

Grade: Low Impact.

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