24 Nov 2020

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Summer Scouting Report: QB Shane Buechele, SMU

HT: 6’1″
WT: 207 lbs
DOB: 1/8/1998
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Lamar (Arlington, TX)
Accolades: 2016 Honorable Mention Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year, ESPN’s All-Big 12 Underclassman Team. 2017 All-Academic Big 12. 2019 Maxwell Award Semifinalist, Davey O’Brien Award Semifinalist. 2019 1st Team All-AAC.

Scouting Report: QB Shane Buechele, SMU

Arm Talent: Arm strength is about average for Buechele. Has ample strength to push the ball down the field vertically. His ability to put touch on the ball is very good. Has a very good command on the ball. I’m very impressed with that. Had a couple of instances where he rushed throws that he shouldn’t have and put too much zip on a ball on a short pass.

Accuracy/Placement: Buechele shows an incredible ability to place the deep throw, and is generally very accurate under pressure. He needs to be more consistent in the short to intermediate areas of the field. He will miss consistently on sideline comeback-type routes. Really seems to struggle at times with anticipation. I think that his release point will need some work as well, as oftentimes his point is too low. At 6’0″, he’s a bit too small to throw over defenders with a low release point and that’s something you see consistently sprinkled throughout his tape: Balls being batted down at the line of scrimmage.

Pocket Ability

Pocket Presence/Footwork: Good pocket presence, works the pocket very well, and has a natural feel for it. Pocket awareness is there, and it’s special. He feels the pocket very naturally and doesn’t often take unnecessary contact. Footwork is a little raw and needs some technical refining. I think he has quick feet, he just needs to be more consistent in his drop and plant.

Mobility/Play Creation: Buechele is fairly mobile and can get out of the pocket and extend plays. Has some real highlight throws outside of the pocket. Play creation is a factor with Buechele if he can extend the play to a point where he can make a throw. Don’t consider him to be very much of a running threat.

Mental Ability

Football IQ/Field Vision: Has a bad habit of staring down his receivers unless the play is designed to look off defenders with a pump fake. Teams would tune into this throughout the season and SMU would use it to their advantage. Seems to see the field very well. Saw a good number of flood concepts to try and give him easy progressions and reads. See’s things in flashes and creates fantastic plays.

Leadership/Personality: N/A.


There are some very good things that Shane Buechele does. His deep ball placement is extraordinary, he hits people in stride with apparent ease. He shows ample arm talent and excellent pocket awareness and presence. However, there are things that he needs to address too. I’d like to see his underneath accuracy get better, as well as his ability to read progressions and look off defenders. While he can create outside of the pocket, he’s not a runner. With a good 2020 season and showing signs of progression, Buechele can do wonders for his draft stock.

What I want to see in 2020: Shane Buechele needs to be able consistently hit passes underneath in the short to intermediate areas of the field. He shows excellent ability to get the ball deep downfield with touch and excellent placement, but the consistency is lacking in the short to intermediate areas of the field. I’d like to see him clean up his footwork, and show a better job in his drops. Anticipation is something he struggled with overall, and I’d like to see that work out. Lastly, James Proche was his security blanket. I would like to see him continue to develop without Proche and show improvement.

Grade: Low Impact Upside. Right now, I’d stick him as a Future Impact player.

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