18 Sep 2020

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Might there be an early day-two run on quarterbacks?

Four quarterbacks came off of the board in the first round of the NFL Draft, three of them in the first six picks. Joe Burrow from LSU was expected to go to the Cincinnati Bengals first overall, but he was quickly followed by Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama to the Miami Dolphins at the fifth spot, and the Los Angeles Chargers took Justin Herbert from Oregon. There are still a couple of teams with early second-round selections who need or have expressed interest in selecting a quarterback.

With the way this draft has fallen so far, one can’t be too surprised with what is going to happen over the next six rounds. I would fully expect a run on safeties to occur during the second round. However, with the way that the cards have fallen, I think that we could potentially see a few teams go with a quarterback early on day two.

Let’s analyze and take a look.

34. Indianapolis Colts

Potential Targets: Jake Fromm, Jacob Eason

The Colts could potentially be pushed to select a quarterback here at 34. I think that it’s incredibly clear that Philip Rivers’ retirement after the 2020 season is a foregone conclusion. He’s giving it one more year to try and play, win the Super Bowl, and retire on a high note from what has been a borderline Hall of Fame career.

The Colts know that they need a quarterback. Had the Patriots not traded down to 37th overall last night with the Los Angeles Chargers, I think the Colts would have considered leaving their quarterback situation alone until their next pick, the 44th spot.

The Colts really liked Jordan Love going into the draft, but the Green Bay Packers traded up to secure him with the 26th pick in the first round, amid rumors that the Colts were calling about getting him.

Now, there are a couple of viable options here for the Colts that make a lot of sense. Jake Fromm fits the Frank Reich style. Fromm is very much a west coast style quarterback with incredible intangibles and is fundamentally sound. It would benefit Fromm greatly to sit behind someone like Rivers.

The same can be said about Jacob Eason, in the sense that he would benefit from sitting behind Rivers. Eason is a very strong-armed quarterback, the opposite of who Fromm is. While he’s has a great arm and can make every throw in the book, Eason has been very inconsistent, apparently isn’t the most likable person in the locker room, and very unsound fundamentally.

It all depends which direction Chris Ballard wants to go, and we really don’t know if the Colts will feel threatened by the Patriots at 37.

37. New England Patriots

Potential Targets: Jake Fromm, Jalen Hurts

The New England Patriots traded out of the first round and secured two more selections on day two, including the 37th overall pick. They need a quarterback. Rumor has it that Jarred Stidham isn’t the guy and for good reason. He took a year off from playing football after leaving Baylor and didn’t look like the same player at Auburn.

Let’s be real, do you really think that the Patriots plan to let Stidham fight out the battle for starting quarterback against Brian Hoyer?

Jake Fromm obviously makes a ton of sense here. A smart, fundementaly sound quarterback fits exactly what Bill Belichick has always wanted.

But, let’s say that the Patriots might just prefer Jalen Hurts anyways. I’m not saying that it’s the case, but I am thinking that it’s a possibility. Hurts isn’t as fundamentally sound, but he’s another level exciting and has a ceiling that is pretty high. He’s definitely got the work ethic and the leadership that Belichick craves, and this makes a good bit of sense.

47. Atlanta Falcons

Potential Targets: Jalen Hurts

Rumors are that the Falcons have reached out directly to Jalen Hurts and told him that they want to draft him in the second round. This is their pick there, and they don’t have the capital to move up back into it.

I have to admit that this sounds a little strange. The Falcons have Matt Ryan under contract for four more years at a premium rate. The Falcons have their leadership on the hot seat, and they need to win now. The first round didn’t go the way they had anticipated. With all of the glaring holes on their roster, I’m not entirely sure what Hurts can do to help the Falcons win right now.

49. Pittsburgh Steelers

Potential Targets: Jalen Hurts

It’s a long shot, but the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin showed an awful lot of interest in Jalen Hurts at the Senior Bowl. He’s been surounded by rumors to Pittsburgh since then, and for good reason. This very well may be Ben Roethlisburger’s last season as a Steeler. Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges were awful underwhelming behind him last season as they had to play with Roethlisburger being lost for the season due to injury.

You don’t think that Hurts fits in Pittsburgh? Well, neither did Josh Dobbs, did he? Dobbs managed to stick around every year until he was traded to the Jaguars. Mike Tomlin isn’t opposed to mobile passers, he’s just had Big Ben.

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