28 Nov 2020

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5 Best, Worst and Most Intriguing picks of the 1st round (excluding top 3 QB’s).

BEST PICKS (1 being the best)


  • Anyone who has read my scouting report on Chaisson knows I thought this guy was easily a top-10 talent. The get-off, explosiveness, relentlessness, character, and ability to do just about anything you ask made him one of the higher guys on my board. With the Yannick drama getting worse by the minute, Jacksonville had a tremendous talent fall to them at 20. He and Josh Allen coming off the EDGE should be downright nasty.


  • All along I said I think Ruggs was the best WR in this class. His story is incredible, and on the field, he possesses the mental processing to allow himself to diagnose coverages pre and post snap that allow him to breakdown what defenses are doing, and play to his 4.2 speed. He’s a better route runner than people think and possesses a ton of toughness after the catch. He reminds me of Julian Edelman if he could run a 4.2.


  • Nothing fancy here, just Cleveland doing the right and sensible thing at the right time to try and complete this rebuild. There isn’t much to say about the fit or draft philosophy. I think it’s a pretty straight forward pick, but it’s exactly what this talented team needed.


  • Props to GM Dave Gettleman for ignoring the noise on every other OT prospect and sticking with which player produces the best film. Wirfs and Wills are good prospects, and honestly, they could all be on this list, but before the combine, when all we had to go by is the film, Thomas was the best and most thought it wasn’t close. Now that we see dudes in spandex running 40’s he isn’t the best? Not sure how many times I’ve seen an OL do that in the game. The knock on Thomas was his UOH, saying his hands lose leverage, and he can’t play with power from the positioning of his hands. But what I see when I watch former teammate and Titans 1st round pick Isaiah Wilson, is the same technique! So, to me, that’s coaching.  


  • This position for Kyle Shanahan in the past has been absolutely devastating for opponents. Having coached guys like Pierre Garcon and Julio Jones, and putting Josh Gordon on the map, there’s a lot to be said when Shanahan wants you to fill that spot in his offense. Aiyuk’s speed, explosiveness and huge catch radius make him play like he’s 6’3. He’s shifty after the catch, and should be put in great positions to succeed.

WORST PICKS (1 being the worst)


  • I really thought Wilson was as a later day 2 guy that probably should have stayed in Georgia for another year. Brightside is, he’s got some great people around him in the OL room and in the organization, but I didn’t think this was the best move for them at 29. Wilson is a mauler in the run game, and I guess with Henry that’s what you’re looking for. The run sets up the pass so maybe he can get by when you take the offensive attack into consideration and the defense really doesn’t know what’s coming. He has a tendency to lose his technique and rely on size to maul defenders when he really needs more nuance to his technique. However, Tennessee’s front office has been great with personnel decisions, but I’m not sure about this move.


  • I thought this was a big-time reach. Maybe they’re going off potential here, but out of the box I’ve said Jackson needed another year at USC. He’s only 20, but I guess his development will be in sync with Tua’s. Just wasn’t a fan of the pick at that particular spot. Miami could have been aggressive with all the picks, but they should have let some of the draft come to them and scaled back a bit.


  • I thought Vegas should have gone Kenneth Murray here. They had a golden opportunity to really get some impactful players with their 2 first rounders. Loved the Ruggs pick, but this was a head scratcher; another reach in my opinion where they could have landed themselves a more impactful player to make a bigger difference on the field.


  • What can I say…the league’s most irrelevant team took a corner at 9 with so much talent on the board. For us Giants fans, this felt like a Jerry Reese “good feel” pick. Henderson is a good player, and good enough to where I’m not putting it as my least favorite pick, but c’mon man! You’ve got players who absolutely hate being in Jacksonville, a coach who could be fired given another bad year, and a young QB who needs weapons and needs to be protected to help in the development. Anyone reading this, try and go back to the reaction in Henderson’s house and please leave a comment if you think his mom was laughing at him.


  • This pick got me heated…after hearing rumors of Atlanta trying to move way up to put themselves in a position to get Isaiah Simmons, or even up to 2 to get Chase Young, they go with this? A huge letdown if you’re a Falcons fan. To me, this just feels like Atlanta was trying too hard, trying to find a diamond in the rough at 16. It looks like they over-thought this one and needed to take a simpler route.


5. Tristan Wirfs

  • The Bucs have had their foot to the floor since signing Brady. Things were no different last night.

4. Javon Kinlaw

  • I thought he was better than Derrick Brown, 9ers reload on the DL.

3. Jerry Jeudy

  • Drew Lock surprised some people. Good on Elway for not doing what Jacksonville did and surrounded him with great talent. Sutton and Jeudy alone can occupy any spot on the field.

2. CeeDee Lamb

  • Couldn’t believe he fell to Dallas. Good WR and won’t see the attention from DB’s that he should get. Early non-QB candidate for OROY?

1.  Jordan Love

  • This pick could have its own article written about it. Craziest part of the night.

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