24 Nov 2020

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Scouting Report: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State


Height – 6’6″

Weight – 311 lbs

Arms – 33 ⅜

Hands – 9″

40 Yard Dash – 4.93 seconds

Bench Press – 30 reps

Vertical Jump – 30.0 inches

Broad Jump – 111.0 inches

3 cone – 7.26 seconds

20 yard shuttle – 4.46 seconds

Games watched: 2018 Fresno State, 2018 Troy. 2019 Marshall, 2019 UNLV, 2019 BYU, 2019 Wyoming, 2019 Utah State, 2019 Washington

Balance – Balance is good, his frame isn’t particularly sturdy but he’s not easily pushed around. He rarely loses his footing and is very agile. He doesn’t get turned around or lose leverage too easily.

Length – Length is fine, but far from ideal, but his functional punch range and strike zones are mediocre at best. He needs to be tougher and anticipate where he’s throwing in order to consistently cause issues for rushers. 

Footwork – Fantastic, has brilliant speed and drops back with ease, his kick steps are fluid and he has quick movements so he’s never beaten by speed.

Hand Technique – Can use work, not a huge liability but far from a strength. His pad height is often poor, he doesn’t defend swats and power moves very well and will need to be taught how to defend counters. He’s a feeler, and a little bit of a puncher too, but doesn’t use the power or control you’d like.

Mobility and Flexibility – Definitely elite, has excellent speed to burst off the Line of Scrimmage and he gets upfield with lightning speed. Means he can be used very effectively on pull plays, screens and will be great in a zone blocking scheme. And he has a special kind of agility I’ve rarely seen before, he has incredibly fluid hips and he rolls through contact effectively. 

Pass Blocking Speed – One of his best traits, he’s rarely beaten by speed rushers, he has excellent athleticism to swivel around to block rushers from bending around him. His hands fly up instantly and he drops back with incredible speed.

Pass Blocking Power – Not great, bull rushers can beat him far too easily sometimes, he may need to add weight and be taught how to defend powerful rushers; stronger pass rushers and heavier pass rushers may beat him in the NFL.

Run Blocking Speed –  His best trait by far. Elite speed to get up and block at the line or to get to the 2nd level. Gets out on screens quicker than most offensive tackles and has the quickness in his hands to move rushers out of the way to clear a running lane.

Run Blocking Power – Not terrible but not special, has enough power combined with his speed to block players on the line but he can be beaten by powerful defenders, I would not recommend he blocks a nose tackle ever.

Spacial Blocking – Gets out into space very quickly but isn’t very effective when out there, often doesn’t know who to block and gets lost, I feel this is coachable though as spacial awareness can be taught. Will need to learn to just find a guy to block and to make sure he does his job when he does have to block downfield. 

Functional Strength – Average at best for the position. He doesn’t have any lower body power and while has sufficient upper body power to perform effectively enough, unless he adds weight he simply isn’t tough enough to block the league’s more dominant pass rushers.


  • An incredibly athletic player who’s refined the speed and finesse aspects of his game. He’s very quick on both run and pass plays and flies off the Line Of Scrimmage. He gets out into space with excellent quickness and is very effective on zone runs. However he lacks any sort of desired power for the position and can be beaten far too easily by any measure of strength, this means he must play OT and cannot move inside to OG but he may be limited with his ceiling at OT. He has excellent footwork with lightning quickness and he has surprisingly good balance too. However his hand technique is quite poor and he will need to learn how to properly defend more than just 1 or 2 kinds of move, in particular counters may be an issue. He is a good developmental prospect who is worth a day 2 pick, however I’m not sure he can ever become more than an average starter. He’s an ideal fit in a wide zone scheme that uses Play Action frequently.

Best Trait – Incredible Athleticism

Worst Trait – Lack of Functional Power

Ideal Passing Scheme Fit: West Coast

Ideal Running Scheme Fit: Zone

Ideal Fits: Rams, Browns, Vikings

Pro Comparison: Kolton Miller

Ceiling Comparison: Garrett Bolles

Floor Comparison: Sam Tevi

Grade: 7.2 / 10 (B-) – Potential Starter

Value: Mid Day 2

Expected Round Drafted: 1

Note: Pro Comparison is what I expect this player to become within 2-3 years, they will likely be this level of player in the league. My Floor Comparison is what this player may become if they don’t develop along the trajectory I expect. The Ceiling comparison is what I believe to be a realistic ceiling for this player and I think if everything goes right they can become this caliber of player.

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