3 Dec 2020

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Scouting Report: WR Jerry Jeudy

HGT: 6010 WGT 193 Age 21.0 CLS: Jr Alabama Wide Receiver 

Games Watched: vs LSU (A22) @Texas A&M (A22) vs Michigan (C) vs Ole Miss (C) 

Strengths: Jerry Jeudy is a very polished receiver who is strong in many areas. His best trait is his route run- ning. He is naturally very quick and he creates separa- tion on his breaks. He understands how to manipulate defensive backs with head and hip fakes. Has a smooth release and understands how to leverage de- fenders on the initial stem. Good quick feet, and good straight line speed. Capable of out-running lineback- ers and safeties with ease. Dangerous after the catch. Likes to use step backs and stop and starts to evade tackles. Has broken ankles with the ball in his hands. Hands are solid. Uses his hands and can catch the ball away from his chest. 

A willing and capable blocker on run plays and screens. 

Weaknesses: Had some issues with drops throughout the season. Had multiple costly drops against LSU. A little on the slender side. Not really a physical receiv- er. 

What we need to learn about him: How well can he make contested catches? Jeudy separated so well he didn’t need to make many tough catches. This is something he will need to prove at the next level. 

Can he gain weight without out losing his explosive- ness. He looks a bit slight on film and could benefit playing closer to 200 pounds. 

Did not see defenses press against him. 

Scheme: Jerry Jeudy is a receiver who plays a little bit more in the slot than he does out wide. Gets put into motion often. Runs a lot of different routes but seems to run in breaking routes most often. Two year start- er at Alabama. 

Injury History: 2018: Had surgery due to a meniscus injury. Missed spring practices. 

Summary: Jerry Jeudy is an excellent receiver who has the quickness and athleticism to separate at the next level.

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