28 Nov 2020

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Scouting Report: RB Zack Moss, Utah

HGT: 5093 WGT 223 Age 22.3 CLS: SR Utah Running Back 

Games Watched: @BYU (C) @USC (B) vs Arizona St (B) @ Washington (B) 

Strengths: When Moss runs he runs with excellent power and balance. Breaking lots of arm tackles. Doesn’t go down easily. Uses his short but sturdy frame to run hard through contact. Can lower his shoulder and bowl over defenders. Uses a vicious stiff arm. Almost always falls forward. Has a great spin move that he can use in space or between the tack- les. Has very good quickness and burst. Makes very firm cuts behind the line of scrimmage. Had some fumbling issues early in his career but they subsided in his senior year. Holds the ball high and tight. Great stamina. Can handle 20+ touches. 

In the passing game he displays soft hands. Can use his balance and power to make plays after the catch. 

Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is his lack of in- stincts. Moss is an impatient runner who sometimes rushes into blockers or defenders. Tries to bounce outside too often and doesn’t have to much success doing so. Doesn’t break too many long runs. His speed is average. Doesn’t have enough wiggle in the open field. Usually just tries to get in the way when pass blocking. Doesn’t have very good pass blocking technique or recognition of where pressure is coming from. 

What we need to learn about him: I’d like to see more of him as a receiver. All of his targets came from the backfield and most were checkdowns; I’d like to see if he can be more of a threat in the slot or on more vertical routes. I’d also like to see more of him in pass pro. 

Scheme: Zack Moss plays as the feature back in a run first offense. Has been the leading rusher and primary weapon on the Utes since his sophomore year. Has a lot of mileage. Most of his runs are inside zones but he also has experience running outside zone, powers, and counters. 

Injury History: 2019: Injured his shoulder at USC missing the rest of the game and the game after against Washington ST. 

2018: Suffered a knee injury while climbing into bed. Missed the last 5 games of the season. 

Summary: Zack Moss has all the power and balance to be a high level 3-down starter but his lack of in- stincts and impatience will need to improve.

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