28 Nov 2020

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Scouting Report: QB Tyler Huntley, Utah

Tyler Huntley Utah: vs BYU (broadcast), vs Idaho State (A22), @ USC (b), vs Oregon (neutral) (b)

Short Accuracy: 6 Deep Accuracy: 5 Throw Power: 5 Decision Making: 5 Frame: 4  Pocket Awareness: 5 Athleticism: 6 Playmaking: 5 Clutch: 5          OVERALL: 5.7

Strengths: Throws with enough velocity to fit the ball past the defender on short and intermediate routes in any area of the field, and can go deep if needed. Has accuracy on short passes. Understands when to put extra mustard on throws and when to use touch. He’ll make some occasional throws in tight coverage outside the numbers, placing the ball away from the defender. Has mobility and athleticism to extend plays with his feet. Uses his foot speed to be a threat on designed runs and options. Protects himself in the open field. He has enough speed to outrun most defensive linemen and some linebackers, and he shows the ability to make defenders miss on occasion. Good ball placement and velocity when throwing on the run. Improved his feet from early in the season when throwing, with not that much of a side-step. Plays it safe with the football. Knows how to take what the defense gives him. Has a tight windup motion on his throws.  

Weaknesses: Huntley often escapes the pocket even when there isn’t pressure. He will get rattled if the protection fails early, leading to him trying to force plays with his legs. While maneuvering in the pocket, he wasn’t consistent in deciding whether to throw the ball or run. When he does escape the pocket, he looks to run instead of keeping his eyes downfield. His slight frame and skinny legs could be a concern at the next level. Should be more aware of the blitz post-snap and look to his hot read. Plays a bit hesitant at times, as he often sees open receivers and fails to pull the trigger. Doesn’t see the whole field. Looks to one side of the field after the snap, and when it isn’t there he’ll check down or use his legs. Ball placement on deep and intermediate throws in the middle of the field and throws outside the numbers could be improved, as he throws the ball behind intended receivers. 

What we need to learn about him: Does he have the arm strength to make throws from one hash to the other? Is he able to make full-field progressions? With his tendency to see ghosts in the pocket, will he need to go to a team with an already outstanding offensive line? Hasn’t shown the ability to manipulate defenders with his eyes or through pump fakes in games viewed.

Scheme and Tendencies: Operated under center and in shotgun with a mixture of short and intermediate throws on all areas of the field off 3-step drops and play action in an offense that didn’t take deep shots often. Has been used in the run game on read options or designed QB power runs. 

Injury History: 2017-shoulder injury suffered against Arizona (didn’t play 2nd half, missed two games), undisclosed injury missing game vs Colorado; 2018-broken left collarbone in 3rd Quarter vs Arizona State, missing remainder of season; 2019-foot injury suffered vs USC, didn’t miss games. 

Summary: Tyler Huntley shows mobility and accuracy on short and intermediate routes, but he’ll need to improve his pocket awareness and post-snap reads to make a 53-man roster.

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