20 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report: QB Jake Fromm, Georgia

Nov 23, 2019; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Jake Fromm (11) celebrates after a touchdown throw against the Texas A&M Aggies in the second quarter at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

HGT: 6017 WGT 219 Age 21.9 CLS: JR

Short Accuracy: 6 Deep Accuracy: 5 Throw Power: 5 Decision Making: 6
Frame: 5 Pocket Awareness: 5 Athleticism: 5 Playmaking: 4 Clutch: 6 OVERALL: 6.6

Games Watched: vs Notre Dame (B) vs South Carolina
(B) vs Florida (B) vs LSU (B)

Strengths: Jake Fromm’s strongest trait is his deci-
sion making, which bodes well for his NFL aspirations.

Doesn’t force or put any throws into harm’s way.
Knows when to take a sack or throw the ball away.
Has great accuracy on short to intermediate passes.
Plays well in structure. Performed well against SEC
defenses. Reads defenses quickly and will hit the

open receiver. Swiftly goes through progressions. Sol-
id under pressure, knowing when to dump it off to

the running back or hot route. At 6’2” he has the stur-
diness and poise to take blows from defenders after

throws. Due to his complete understanding of the
offense, Fromm beat out the likes of Jacob Eason and
Justin Fields even though they may be more physically
gifted.. Competitor. Great accuracy and timing in the
red-zone. Anticipates throws. Extension of coach on
the field. Quick and tight release.
Weaknesses: Needs to learn to slide on runs. Lacks
NFL caliber speed, acceleration, and agility. Must be a
pocket QB at the NFL level due to poor athleticism.
Inconsistent accuracy past 10 yards. Struggles to
reach receivers on deep passes and sideline throws

due to lack of arm strength. Rarely creates plays out-
side the pocket. Flips the football multiple times after

receiving the snap. It hasn’t been an issue in college

but quick pressure and NFL talent can force ball secu-
rity issues.

What we need to learn about him: Despite being on-
ly 21, has Fromm reached his potential? Never truly

had a breakout season. Passed the ball over 30 times
in just 7 games in his career, can he handle carrying
the team on his arm?
Scheme and Tendencies: Jake Fromm played in a
zone run/screen pass heavy system. Operated from
both shotgun and under center. Many of Georgia’s
pass plays were designed to be quick hitters– either
screens or quick slants/hitches. Started every season
in his 3 years at Georgia.
Injury History: 2018: In the summer of 2018, Fromm
had a fishing lure accidentally lodged into his leg. He

then was involved in a boating accident which result-
ed in a broken non-throwing hand. He did not miss

any games in the regular season. 2019: Fromm
suffered an ankle injury during the second quarter of
the SEC championship against LSU. He would return
later in the quarter and finish the game with his ankle
being heavily taped.
Summary: With Fromm, what is seen on tape will
translate to the NFL, both the good and the bad. Has
the traits and intangibles to be a sufficient NFL starter
early in his career in the right system.

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