18 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report: OT Jed Wills Jr, Alabama

Foot Quickness: 8 Play Strength: 6 Balance: 7

Run Block: 7 Pass Block: 6 Aggressiveness: 6 Instincts: 5

(Explanation of grades can be found here.)

Games Watched: @Texas A&M (A22) vs LSU (A22) vs Michigan (Skycam Broadcast) @Auburn (B)

Strengths:  Jedrick Wills has lightning quick feet that help him both in run and pass blocking. His feet make him almost impossible to beat to the outside on speed rushes. Can mirror rushers both vertically and horizontally. Has great In run blocking he uses his quickness to get leverage on challenging reach blocks. He has a wide base when blocking. The combination of great knee bend and a straight back gives him great balance. Almost never seen off his feet. Uses solid strength to beat bull rushes. Loves using his hands and quickness to make pass rushers fall on their faces. A great run blocker. Uses a combination of quickness, strength and nastiness to clear out holes. Gets off the snap low and hard on run blocks. Occasionally plays with a special sense of viciousness. Puts defenders on the ground in the run game. Has good awareness picking up stunts from the inside.

Weaknesses: His hand placement is not the best in pass protection. Can get beat by inside spin moves. Sometimes he misses his punches. Relies more on his feet than his hands. Had difficulty taking good angles when asked to block on WR screens. Struggles at recognizing corner blitzes. Had some issues with false starts.

What we need to learn about him: Can he switch over to the left side of the line if needed? Was he hurt during the Michigan game because he played much worse in that game compared to the others? Can he improve on blocking in space? You’d think with his quickness he’s be more of a threat on pulls or screens.

Scheme: Wills is a two year starter protecting Tua Tagolaivoa’s blindside. Alabama played a lot of angle blocking schemes on the line. Was asked to do a lot of  down blocks and reach blocks. In pass pro did a lot of jump sets but still had enough vertical sets.

Injury History:  2019: Suffered a minor ankle injury in a spring scrimmage.

Summary: Jedrick Wills possesses the elite athleticism to succeed in the NFL, if he can improve his hands and instincts he could be a perennial top-5 tackle.

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