18 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report: OT Andrew Thomas, Georgia

Foot Quickness: 7 Play Strength: 7 Balance: 6

Run Block: 6 Pass Block: 7 Aggressiveness: 6 Instincts: 6

(Explanation of grades can be found here.)

Games Watched: vs South Carolina (B) vs Florida (A22) vs Notre Dame (A22) vs LSU (C)

Strengths:  Andrew Thomas has great power and strength. Has the ability to stonewall opposing pass rushers. He has powerful leg drive to move defenders in the run game. Possesses powerful hands. Moves very well for a man his size. Has a good quick kick step on vertical sets. Very good at using his feet to recover when he misses the initial punch or when defending against spin moves. Explodes off the line on run plays. Knows how to navigate through the line to get to the second level on zone concepts. Knows how to use his hands to win battles. Attacks the bicep and opposite nipple in pass protection. Keeps his thumbs up when engaged to keep defenders in place. Plays with good leverage and balance. Maintains good knee bend throughout. Understands the nuances of offensive line play quite well. Is quick to recognize corner blitzes off the edge or stunts coming from the inside. Rarely commits penalties. He finishes blocks and plays to the whistle.

Weaknesses: Not the best at maintaining his blocks. Often in the run game, Thomas attacks early but let’s the defender go late. Sometimes he gets his body too far in front of his feet, causing him to fall forward. Could be more aggressive. Didn’t see him put as many defenders on the ground as you’d like.

What we need to learn about him: How well can he block in space? I only saw him peel out on screen blocks three times. Never saw him pull. Can he learn these techniques at the next level?  

Scheme: Andrew Thomas played left tackle in Georgia’s run heavy zone attack. Used both jump sets and vertical sets when in pass pro. Help rarely shifted towards his side. Started at left tackle his junior and sophomore seasons and was the starter at right tackle his freshman season. Showed consistent improvement in each season. Was a unanimous All-America selection in 2019.

Injury History:  2018: Suffered a left ankle sprain in September against South Carolina and missed one game. Reinjured said ankle two weeks later.

Summary: Andrew Thomas has the strength, quickness, and technique to be an immediate impact starter at the left tackle position.

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