28 Nov 2020

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Scouting Report: LB Troy Dye, Oregon

Instincts: 5 Tackling: 4 Play Speed: 7 Pass Coverage: 6

Blitzing: 6 Motor: 7 Pursuit: 4 Special Teams Value: 6

(Explanation of grades can be found here.)

Games Watched: @ASU (B)  vs Auburn (B) vs Utah (B) vs Colorado (C)

Strengths: Troy Dye is a very good athlete, moves very quickly for a man his size. Looks fluid moving all across the field. Shows impressive burst and closing speed. Is a good blitzer from the inside, getting pressures and sacks. Good at delayed blitzes. Good coverage player. Has quick hips to match routes. Uses speed and athleticism to cover TEs, RBs and some slot WRs. Good at rerouting receivers with his physicality. Good awareness in coverage. Knows where he needs to be. Has the hands needed to intercept passes. Has a great motor, chases down ball carriers from behind. His effort and athleticism gives him great range to make plays all across the field. 

Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is his tackling, due to poor wrapping technique. Can get bowled over by more powerful runners. Gives up a lot of yards after contact. Gets shaken by more elusive backs as well. Struggles maneuvering through traffic. Not good at block shedding due to lack his lack of strength. Better in the open field than in tight areas. Instincts are inconsistent. Can get caught in the wrong gap. Over pursues and sometimes plays a bit reckless. Overall not very good defending the run.

What we need to learn about him: I’d want to know if he can gain weight? He has a long, lean frame that could use some more bulk. Wonder if he has the coverage chops to move to a safety linebacker hybrid. How much, if any impact did his broken thumb have on his play this season?

Scheme: Troy Dye plays as a Will linebacker toward the boundary in Oregon’s defense. Has played significant snaps both inside the tackles and outside the TEs but always on the boundary side. Is asked to blitz quite often. Started 3 and a half seasons for the ducks.  Has lots of experience playing on special teams, usually on punt coverage, punt return, and field goal block.

Injury History: 2019: Broke his right thumb week 8. Missed one game and played the rest of the regular season with a large cast over his hand. 

Summary: Troy Dye is an athlete playing linebacker who can help a team immediately if playing against the pass, but misses too many tackles to be a true 3 down linebacker his rookie year.

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