22 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report: IDL Raekwon Davis, Alabama

  Play Strength: 6 Pass Rush: 4 First Step: 5

Tackling: 6 Instincts: 6 Hand Usage: 5  Motor: 5

(Explanation of grades can be found here.)

Games watched: vs LSU (B), @Auburn (B), @South Carolina (B)

Strengths: Davis is a very good run defender. He uses his long frame to keep defender’s hands off of him. A strong player who rarely gets moved. Understands gap control and demands double teams. Very good at block shedding and shows ability to 2-gap. Uses his arms to create separation and strength to throw them aside. Keeps linemen from getting to the second level. A very good tackler, engulfs ballcarriers. Has ideal size, length and bulk. A good athlete, looks smooth despite his size. Flashes quick feet on stunts.

Weaknesses: Davis is not a natural pass rusher. He is a little slow off the snap and spends most of his pass rushing snaps blocked. Hands are very stagnant. Doesn’t have a go-to pass rush move. Comes out of his stance too high. Gets stopped way too often. Underwhelming pressure numbers. Doesn’t make plays in space.  Spends too much timed blocked. Doesn’t make game changing plays.

What we need to learn about him: Can he learn to pass rush in a different defensive scheme? He rarely made an impact in the passing game but there’s a chance he could be more effective if asked to penetrate more. Could he add some strength and play nose tackle?

Scheme:  Raekwon Davis is an interior defender in Alabama’s 3-4 scheme. Spends most of his time over the right guard or right tackle. Gets asked to hold two gaps. 

Injury History: 2019: Suffered an ankle injury against Mississippi, missed one game.

2017: Suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. Came back to play less than a week after the incident. 

Summary: Raekwon Davis can be an NFL level run defender year one, but needs to improve a lot as a pass rusher to be a 3-down player.

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