3 Dec 2020

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Jordan Love Scouting Report

2019 Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl Photo by Wade Denniston/USU Athletics

Jordan Love by Paul Duncan

Short Accuracy: 5 Deep Accuracy: 6 Throw Power: 6 Decision Making: 4

Frame: 6 Pocket Awareness: 5 Athleticism: 6 Playmaking: 5 Clutch: 5

(Explanation of grades can be found here.)

Games Watched: vs Kent State (B) vs Boise State (B) vs Nevada (B)

Strengths:  Jordan Love has an NFL ready arm and the accuracy to  hit receivers deep down field. Has an effortless release. Great touch and accuracy on deep throws. Throws with great velocity on intermediate passes. Arm capable of hitting receivers 55-60 yards down the field accurately. Can hit out-breaking passes from the opposite hash. Good at throwing back shoulder passes.  Made highlight reel worthy throws into tight windows.  Footwork is solid. Has ideal size. A good athlete. Has good speed and quickness for a QB of his size. Has the capability to extend plays with his legs. Looks downfield when scrambling behind the line of scrimmage.  

Weaknesses:  The biggest thing keeping Jordan Love from being a top prospect is his poor decision making and his propensity for turnovers. On multiple occasions he failed to lead the receiver on out routes resulting in interceptions or easy pick sixes. Stares down receivers making it easy for defenders to jump passes. Doesn’t see underneath defenders when throwing intermediate range passes. Makes just head scratching throws. His short throw accuracy is OK, but misses on some easy passes. Has to be more consistent. While he is good extending plays in the pocket, not enough good plays come out of them. Can get jittery in the pocket especially when his first read isn’t there. Abandons plays quickly. Takes avoidable sacks.

What we need to learn about him:  Why is his his decision making so bad? Can he be coached to making into making safer decisions. Can he have success against better competition.

Scheme: Jordan Love plays in a shotgun spread offense. Utah States runs a lot of 3×1 formations. Runs a lot of hurry up. Throws a lot back shoulder and deep passes. Most of his passes are quick one read passes. Runs a lot of RPOS. Rarely throws crossing passes or passes over the middle. IS comfortable running PA boots in both directions. Starter for 2 and a half seasons. Had better numbers his sophomore year.

Injury History:  2019: Left game with an undisclosed injury against Wyoming. Didn’t miss another game.

Summary: Jordan Love has an NFL arm and the accuracy to use it deep, but  will be held back by his poor decision making and inconsistency.

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