18 Sep 2020

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Joe Burrow Scouting Report

Joe Burrow by Paul Duncan

Short Accuracy: 7 Deep Accuracy: 7 Throw Power: 6 Decision Making: 6

Frame: 6 Pocket Awareness: 7 Athleticism: 6 Playmaking: 6 Clutch: 7

(Explanation of grades can be found here.)

Games Watched: vs Auburn (B) vs Georgia (B) @ Alabama (B)

Strengths: Joe Burrow’s strongest attribute is his accuracy. Has NFL level accuracy both on short and deep passes. Incredible touch on deep passes. Understands when to laser the ball and when to put air underneath it. Very good mechanics. Makes jaw-dropping highlight reel passes. Has great feet in the pocket. Good at climbing the pocket. Reacts well under pressure, always knows where his hot route is. When the defense drops 8 or 9, he stays patient in the pocket and waits for his receivers to get open. Can extend plays with his feet. Goes through his progressions. Can be seen him throwing to his 3rd read naturally. Has a good arm. Has the ability to hit receivers 50+ yards downfield. When he needs to he can rifle balls into tight places. A good 3rd down QB. Had some of his best games in the playoffs. Knows how to win and dominate big games. A champion. Sturdy frame at 6-foot-4.

When running he is tough and has a nose for the first down marker. Good enough athlete to be a threat on QB draw. Good speed.

Weaknesses: Can be reckless when running the ball. Rarely slides. Is sometimes a bit quick to scramble. Deep ball sometimes flutters a bit.

What we need to learn about him:  Is Joe Burrow a one-year wonder? While he was phenomenal in 2019 his 2018 season was average and the track record of QBs with only one season of excellent play is not great. I’d also be excited to learn more about his athleticism, as I doubt he has the size and speed to handle NFL level hits while scrambling. Can he have as much success in other schemes as well as he had at LSU?

Scheme and Tendencies: Joe Burrow plays in a hybrid spread/West Coast system. Plays almost exclusively from Shotgun and with 11  personnel. Throws a lot of passes over the middle. Does his best on horizontal throws like slants and crossers. 2-year starter at LSU after transferring from Ohio State.

Injury History:  2017:  Broke his thumb. Missed the entire season.

Summary: Joe Burrow with his great accuracy and feel in the pocket has the ability to start as a rookie and be a franchise QB moving forward.

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