27 Nov 2020

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Final Scouting Report: Cheyenne O’Grady Tight End Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas tight end Cheyenne O’Grady is a talented player that is going under the radar as the NFL combine approaches. The Razorbacks have had some individually talented players the past few years, but that talent has not translated into team success on the football field. O’Grady has improved tremendously since I first scouted him in high school, and I look forward to seeing how he will perform over the next few weeks, but now on to the report.

O’Grady is an excellent receiving tight end. He has good hands and will pull in the tough reception. O’Grady does not drop passes and he is dangerous after the catch. Cheyenne has the ability to run defenders over and his run-after-the-catch talent will cause teams to take notice of him. O’Grady has excellent route running skills and just knows how to elude defenders. His talent in finding ways to get open is impressive.

The Arkansas program has had its problems the past few years and O’Grady does have some off the field issues that NFL teams will want to take note of and evaluate. O’Grady’s blocking skills could use some improvement, but he has improved tremendously since his days at Fayetteville High School.

O’Grady will likely be a seventh-round selection or perhaps a free agent. He has the talent to move up draft boards and it would not shock me to see him do so. O’Grady will wind up on an NFL roster, it’s whether or not he will be drafted or sign as a free agent.

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