18 Sep 2020

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Press Release: Paul Duncan and Cyril Penn named Regional Directors at Draft Rite

April 16th, 2020: Nashville, TN – Site Manager and Owner of Draft Rite, John Vogel, announced today that the website is promoting two Draft Scouts to become Regional Directors at Draft Rite. As the website assembles a scouting division to oversee the 2021 season, Draft Rite strives to bring quality coverage to as many draft prospects as possible. With that comes a system that will be implemented to ensure that scouting is the priority at Draft Rite.

“Both of these guys are very knowledgable of the game,” Vogel said in his statement. “I trust them to be leaders among the site and lead our scouts into the 2021 season with guidance and quality work themselves.”

Regional Directors will be overseeing groups of scouts and coordinating the players who are being watched. They will also provide guidance and assistance to younger scouts on the team.

Paul Duncan

Paul is going into his third season as a video scout for Pro Football Focus and his fourth season as video scout/game charter. He’s received training from Sports Info Solutions and from Phil Savage at the Senior Bowl Scout School.

He provides Draft Rite with valuable experience and knowledge as a scout.

Twitter: @TheFootPaul

Cyril Penn IV

Cyril coached varsity linebackers for a year and a half after finishing up college. He started writing for the San Francisco Examiner and assorted other news outlets. He has had scouting training from SMWW and sports info solutions, although he started scouting on his own in high school. He took over as the Interim Editor for Silver and Black Pride on SB Nation in February, 2020. He was working as a football analyst for Atavus before the quarintine.

Cyril provides Draft Rite with valuable experience as both an editor and as a scout.

“If I didn’t have the NFL Draft to look forward to,” Cyril said in his statement, “and stack of All-22 film on my desk, I would be going crazy during this quarantine. Big thanks to John for giving me a place to showcase my work. I’m excited to help grow the Draft Rite community!”

Twitter: @cyrilpenn4

Vogel also mentioned that there is another hire expected to be made very soon. “Our team has grown so much over the last few weeks,” Vogel stated, “that these structural promotions have been required to keep our site functional and to maximize the work that everyone is doing.”

Please follow Paul and Cyril on Twitter, as well as the website to keep up with great NFL Draft coverage!

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