24 Nov 2020

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Isaiah Hodgins Scouting Report


As a freshman, saw action right away for the Beavers (31-275-8.9, two TDs in 11 games, six starts). Hodgins really began to fulfill his great promise as a sophomore, garnering honorable mention All-Pac-12 honors as OSU’s leading receiver (59-876-14.8, five TDs in 11 games, nine starts). He became a known quantity across the country in 2019 after snatching 86 passes for 1,171 yards (13.6 per) and 13 touchdowns. Hodgins started 11 of 12 games played as a junior and received second-team all-conference recognition for his playmaking ability


6’4 210lbs

Hands: 9 7/8”

Arms: 33 1/8”

40: 4.61

Bench: 9

Vertical: 36.5

Broad Jump: 124”

3 Cone: 7.01

20 Yard Shuttle: 4.12


Long-limbed with nearly 10” hands and a good frame for boxing out defenders. Good athleticism; does a very good job using basketball traits to win 50-50 balls. Good quickness in and out of his routes and shows good agility to lose DB’s at the LOS and after the catch. Very good mental processing in his ability to run routes, allow them to mature, and manipulate a defender. On curls and comebacks, he does a good job working back towards the QB for the easy completion with good separation quickness. Good release in the slot; does a good job manipulating defenders when working out of the slot with body leans, stutter steps, and good head and shoulder fakes. Good release vs off and bail coverages; climbs the ladder and gets on the DB’s toes before fakes in/out or snaps off a route. Gets the DB to turn their hips and gives him the easy completion on comebacks. Good footwork off the LOS; his combine numbers were some of the best in the WR class for change of direction drills, and it shows when snapping off routes, and when he’s got to beat press off the LOS. Great competitive toughness as well; does what he can to make that ball his when it’s in the air with good ability to adjust to throws above his head, and below his waist. In the air he possesses good body control and has good sideline awareness. Hands might be the best trait, very sure-handed receiver who snatches the ball away from the body and uses his big hands to secure the catch.

Hodgins shows the competitive toughness to come down with tough grabs. Very impressive for a 6’4 WR.
4.6 speed but with good, quick footwork to get separation and to get off the LOS. Nevermind the horribly thrown ball. Doing this on the boundary-side of the field is much more impressive than had he been on the field-side.
Working across the field, setting up his defender perfectly with a great understanding of the nuances of how to sell a double move.
Again with the maturation of the double move. A great sell job here and understanding of how to get separation.


Adequate play speed; on routes that don’t require much ability to try and manipulate a defender, Hodgins’ speed makes it difficult for him to get any real separation. On his release vs press and soft press, does an adequate job trying to stack the defender, and with someone with adequate top-end speed, this would be one of the bigger developmental parts of his game. Although he shows the aggression and desire, he lacks the strength to break tackles in the open field, and is better suited trying to make people miss.


Sometimes when I’m watching film on college players, I just need to take a small break and watch some NFL players and sort of, re-familiarize myself with what it is certain things should look like. It just so happens I began to watch some Keenan Allen film the past couple days, and, after running a 4.71 40 at his pro-day, people were writing him off. Kind of like how I feel with Isaiah Hodgins. 4.6 speed doesn’t get anyone out of their chairs, but this guy possesses so many NFL caliber nuances and such maturity to his longer developing routes it’s really impressive. And much credit goes to Oregon State as well…kudos to them for sticking with a pro-style offense that features many formations of 1 and 3 receiver sets, good use of play action from under center, throwing out of 12 and 13 personnel, etc. They asked Hodgins to work every part of the field, and combined with the intelligent route running, that’s where I get my Keenan Allen comp. When you possess foot quickness, advanced footwork and tons of route savvy, suddenly that 4.6 doesn’t matter nearly as much, because on film he’s still 6’4, still has great hands, but that 4.6 plays more like a high 4.4/low 4.5. Hodgins possesses the mental game and exposure to all the different WR positions. He may find himself as a possession guy with great Red Zone skills, or a solid #2, but like anyone else, Hodgins has a fit. He needs a QB that isn’t afraid to throw it to a guy that may appear to be covered. A system with an accurate downfield thrower that has the ability to buy time with their feet, and take advantage of 1-on-1’s.

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