19 Sep 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

NFL teams and scouts have gotten an excellent chance to study Jalen Hurts closely over the years. Hurts played deep into the postseason every year in college, at both Alabama and Oklahoma. The quarterback class is a deep one this season and it is going to be interesting to see Hurts is selected on draft weekend.

Hurts’ leadership skills are excellent, and both the Crimson Tide and the Sooners got to witness it firsthand over the past four years. Hurts is a dangerous runner and has no problem throwing on the run or using his legs to pick up a key first down. Every team wants to have a quarterback that wins, and Hurts did that to the tune of a 38-4 record throughout his career. Scouts will like that he has played in a variety of systems and understands the offense that is presented to him. Hurts has improved his throwing of the deep ball and is an accurate passer.

Hurts needs to do a better of job of allowing wide receiver’s routes to develop and take shape. I would like to see him take the check down more often and not take a gunslinger approach and try to make a more difficult throw. Hurts’ deep ball improved at Oklahoma, but a little fine tuning would not hurt things in the pros.

Hurts is a winner plain and simple. Hurts’ throws have improved, and he has run a variety of systems, throughout the course of his career. Teams may want to work on his throwing motion and go through his decision making, but he is a solid quarterback, in what is a deep quarterback class this year. I look for Hurt’s to in the mid-third to early-fourth round. I would not be shocked to see Hurts go earlier in the draft.

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