22 Sep 2020

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2020 Quarterback Rankings

Quarterback is as polarizing as it gets in football. All it takes is one decision maker to completely shake up the entire NFL Draft. As the draft approaches, I will be dropping my final positional rankings. No sense in delaying the inevitable blowback I’ll receive for these, so here it goes. My final quarterback rankings for the 2020 draft.

  1. Joe Burrow, QB LSU
  2. Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama
  3. Jacob Eason, QB Washington
  4. Jalen Hurts, QB Oklahoma
  5. Justin Herbert, QB Oregon
  6. Jake Fromm, QB Georgia
  7. Jordan Love, QB Utah State
  8. Cole McDonald, QB Hawaii
  9. Anthony Gordon, QB Washington State
  10. James Morgan, QB FIU
  11. Nate Stanley, QB Iowa
  12. Jake Lutton, QB Oregon State
  13. Steve Montez, QB Colorado
  14. Shea Patterson, QB Michigan
  15. Mason Fine, QB

Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa are high first round talents and both top 10 players in the draft class on my board. Jacob Eason and Jalen Hurts are next up as potential franchise guys, and the two have perhaps the highest ceilings of any of the signal callers listed above. Justin Herbert and Jake Fromm are two talented guys but with their own set of limitations that make me question their ability to be successful starters at the NFL level. Jordan Love is incredibly raw, and worth no higher than a 4th round developmental pick in my eyes. I recognize his talent, and incredible ceiling, but he is nowhere near ready to play. McDonald, Gordan and Morgan are the 3 mid to late day 3 developmental prospects I have identified with enough tools to stick around as high end backups with the possibility of starting at some point. Nate Stanley is my highest priority UDFA prospect. I am happy to defend my quarterback rankings, so hit me up @HindenburgScout and let me know where you think I’m right or wrong!

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