27 Nov 2020

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Redshirt Senior from Dangerfield, TX. Mims’ family has a long list of accomplished football players including his father who is a former Running Back at Baylor. After playing in just 3 games his Freshman year, Mims played in 37 games from his Sophomore to Senior year. During his time at Baylor, he racked up 186 catches (5th in school history), 2925yds (6th in school history) and 28 touchdowns (3rd in school history).


6’3” 207lbs

Hands: 9 3/8”

Arms: 33 7/8”

40: 4.38

Bench: 16

Vertical: 38.5

Broad: 131

3 cone: 6.66

20yd Shuttle: 4.43


Good use of stutter and go technique off the LOS against soft press, and does a good job getting into his straight-line speed when he can get a free release as well as stacking the defender to protect against under-thrown balls. When he’s engaged with a DB, he possesses good leg strength to break off a route and separate from the defender without losing speed which allows him to get away with less than crisp route running when playing in space. Along with his stutter and go technique, he possesses good mental processing pre-snap to know when to go to it and allow himself to play to his 4.3 40 time. Very good hands; snatches the ball in front of him and quickly secures it before he’s begun his move upfield. Good agility after the catch and works upfield. Has the awareness to know “Helmet or higher” throws in the endzone. Does a very good job of keeping himself in positions to box out the defender and to make grabs above his head with little to no interference. Very good sideline awareness and ability to shield defenders on back-shoulder throws and contort himself to make the catch away from his body and keep both feet inbounds.


Adequate explosiveness in his release with little physicality in his UOH to beat press coverage. Against press, he can struggle to get separation at and past the LOS and relies on ball placement and speed to get open. Adequate overall play strength: with the release off the LOS, he lacks physicality and strength after the catch. Could be a scheme issue, but if there isn’t a Safety in the middle of the field, and if the LB’s aren’t stretched wide, he’s not asked to go over the middle, or work out of the slot.


Mims had the typical Big 12, elite receiver numbers. They spread the defense thin, the middle of the field is voided, and it gives the receivers all the room in the world to work with. With that, they can get away with a slower release, lack of hand fighting to beat press, and gives the QB a much, much bigger window to throw a guy open rather than relying on precision and timing. So I’ll say his numbers are misleading, and there are far too many touchdowns he scored without a Safety in the middle of the field. Scheme aside, and other than his 4.3 speed, Mims’ best ability might be to make tough sideline grabs and possesses and AJ Green-esq ability to contort his body, shield the defender, and come down with the tough grab whether it be above his head, back shoulder, or below his knees. He lacks physicality in just about every facet of his game but is a polished outside X and Z receiver, with the nod going to the outside spot where he’s lined up off the LOS and gets the added yard or 2 to beat the CB to his hip with speed rather than physicality.

Overall, Mims possesses many 1st round traits, his ability to work outside of the numbers is very polished, and possesses the frame, speed and mental ability to win at the next level. However, the lack of production/opportunities to work out of the slot is concerning. His game relies on QB accuracy and great ball placement. He will be a great fit in an offense where he needs to occupy certain areas of the field and isn’t asked to do every little thing you ask a #1 WR to do. He reminds me of Robert Meachem; back when the Saints employed receivers that didn’t have to possess every nuance but had to excel at a few things to occupy certain areas of the field.

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