3 Dec 2020

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#35 Troy Dye
HT: 6’3-1/4″
WT: 231
Hand: 9-3/8″
Arm: 32-1/4″
Wing: 78″
DOB: 9/18/1996
Year: Senior
High School: Norco (Norco, CA)
Accolades: 2019 1st Team All-PAC 12. 2018 2nd Team All-PAC 12. 2017 2nd Team All-PAC 12. 2016 Freshman All-American.

Scouting Report: LB Troy Dye, Oregon

Speed/Athleticism: Troy Dye is a very athletic linebacker prospect. He possesses excellent body control, can change directions quickly and accelerate. Not a straight-line speed guy, so that will limit his ability to play sideline to sideline. Was outrun by even some of the slower running backs in college football last season. He doesn’t have extra gears to shift into. I like his explosiveness and suddenness from the snap though. 15/20.

Strength/Power: At 6’3″ and 231 pounds, Dye is still a little lean and has some muscle to gain on his frame. That being said, his strength isn’t anything that stands out currently on tape. Struggles to get off of any block, and is easily locked. Not a powerful guy, per se. 7/15.

Technique and Mechanics

Tackling/Pursuit: Dye is a good tackler. Led the team in tackles all four seasons, the only player to do that in school history. He missed an awful lot last season, some of that can be contributed to the thumb injury he dealt with most of the season as he played with a club on his hand, but I thought his positioning is generally good. As I mentioned in the athletic side of this, he’s not a sideline-to-sideline guy because of his lack of speed. Regardless, he takes good angles in half field situations. Not a guy I’d want as the last defender on a stretch play. 15/20.

Coverage Ability: Dye plays very well in coverage. Excellent zone coverage player plays disciplined and smart. Sometimes he will drift a little too low in his zone watching the quarterback, especially as the play extends. Has the length that you would like, but there are already speed concerns with his ability to get down the field which would limit his effectiveness as a man coverage linebacker against tight ends. 15/20.

Pass Rush Ability: Troy Dye is an effective pass rusher when used as a blitz package player who comes on stunts and times his arrival. He’s not going to beat blocks, even off of tight ends and running backs. Regardless, he was effective in this role, registering 15.5 career sacks and 10 quarterback hits. 5/10.

Mental Aspects

Football IQ/Instincts: Dye’s instincts and IQ are about average. He seems to still struggle to grasp certain concepts. He still trusts his eyes a little bit too much and reacts. Instincts will sometimes lead him away from the play. 4/10.

Leadership/Personality: He’s a tough guy, and brings no off of the field concerns. He’s a good locker room presence, a strong, reliable leader who’s done an excellent job as the heart of the Oregon defense for the last three years. 5/5.


Troy Dye brings an interesting angle to the linebacker position because he’s long and athletic, but he lacks the necessary speed to be truly effective from the position. He’s good in coverage, but you can’t ask him to play much man coverage because of his lack of speed. Dye just falls short in several aspects of the game, and at best he’s really a day three project.

Injury Rating: (+1)
Ceiling Rating: (2)
Overall: 69

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