27 Nov 2020

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Quick Rundown: Breshad Perriman

Former 1st round pick of the Ravens saw a resurgent 2019 under HC Bruce Arians. For someone who has been plagued with easy drops during his time in Baltimore, Perriman saw a sure-handed year with 1 drop with over 60 targets coming from spotty QB play. He’s still 26 and won’t be 27 until September and based off his 2019 film, there’s a lot to like for someone who could come fairly cheap.

Perriman finished the season with 6 touchdowns, 3 of them coming against the Lions. However, based on the 4 other games I watched, (keep in mind Jameis is the QB) there were at least 3 or 4 more big-play touchdowns where Winston didn’t even take the shot. Perriman is a 6’2 215lb WR with legitimate, low, 4.2 speed. That sort of speed at that size is just scary. If we have any Ravens fans reading this, or just people who follow the league closely, you might be thinking Perriman is just another guy and nothing special about him. Remember, I’m also the guy who wrote the article saying the WR position is overvalued, and that these “Elite” receivers don’t win rings. So I get what you’re thinking because I’m in the minority on that, but it would also be very hypocritical of me to sit there and kill a guy because he’s not Julio Jones.

Dec 15, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Breshad Perriman (19) runs after a catch for his second touchdown during the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports


Perriman is a niche guy, and that’s something I like in receivers. He’s better route runner than people think, and that blazing speed is downright scary. On tape, all it takes is a misstep and he has won the route and he’s another player that occupies a lot of space on the field. Another important aspect to a receiver, especially one that runs a low 4.2, is his ability to mentally process things pre and post-snap. Perriman possesses good mental processing to not read what’s going on, but to react. Having to read and process what the coverage is doing may take that 4.2 speed and make it look like he’s a 4.5 guy, huge difference. When you can react to things and know what’s coming before it even happens, a player can play to their max play-speed and that’s exactly what Perriman did in 2019.


I’m not saying this guy can become a 1,400 yard, 12 TD type of guy, because history would suggest that sort of thing doesn’t translate to rings, but in the right system, with an accurate deep-ball thrower who isn’t afraid to take chances in the vertical passing game, Perriman will surprise people in 2020 and build on the resurgent 2019.

I think teams like the Packers are a great fit and the Bucs were rumored to want him back before the Brady deal but those have died down. The Jets could be a possibility if they don’t keep Anderson and I think even the Titans are a great fit with Tannehill who has always had a good ability to throw the deep ball and would fit nicely with Corey Davis and AJ Brown.

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