19 Sep 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

The quarterback class for this year’s draft is a strong one. Value can be found throughout the draft and teams will always keep an eye on quarterbacks to bring in to at least back up the starter. Jake Fromm is a quarterback that teams have had a chance to study on the big stage numerous times over the past few years.

Fromm is a smart, instinctive quarterback and he has displayed a steady locker room presence over the years. Fromm rarely gets rattled and he makes good decisions with the football. Fromm will not take sacks and is not afraid to scramble to pick up yards. Fromm reads the field well and is accurate with the football in making the back-shoulder throws. The characteristic I place the highest value in is in the leadership area. Fromm may not have the physical tools, but he more than makes up for them on the mental side of the game.

Fromm does not have the strongest arm that you will see out of this quarterback class. I would like to see Fromm improve his accuracy when it comes to throwing the deep pass. Fromm is not the fastest quarterback so teams should not look for him to pull the ball down and run very often.

Fromm will not force the ball into risky situations. Fromm is a heady quarterback and will study the film and keep his head in the playbook. I look for Fromm to go in the third round and he will likely be in the league for some time. Fromm is a likeable quarterback and I look forward to seeing what he does in the NFL.

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