22 Sep 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

The Auburn Tigers have become known for producing numerous NFL talents over the years. Driscoll started all four seasons in college three at UMass and one at Auburn. The amount of experience that Driscoll will make him an attractive option for teams that are looking for depth on the offensive line.

The first thing that really sticks out on the film with Driscoll is that he plays with a mean streak in the pass blocking and run blocking game. Driscoll is very solid when it comes to his hand placement in matching up against defensive ends. Driscoll does a good job at being able to anticipate the stunts and twists that defensive linemen use to get into the offensive backfield. Driscoll’s footwork is a pleasant surprise and he has deceptive quickness.

An area that Driscoll will need to work on is getting stronger. Driscoll will struggle with defensive ends that use their speed and power to push him into the backfield. Driscoll is not strong enough to cause the defensive end to redirect or shift. Driscoll will need to continue to work on getting a push with the run blocking.

I look for Driscoll to be selected in the late fourth to early fifth round. Driscoll has talent but he will need to continue to work to his improve his strength in order to cause defensive linemen trouble and to get a push in the running game.

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