28 Nov 2020

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#90 Neville Gallimore
HT: 6’2″
WT: 304 lbs
Hand: 9-5/8″
Arm: 32-3/4″
Wing: 77-1/4″
DOB: 1/17/1997
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Canada Prep Football Academy (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Accolades: 2019 1st Team All-Big 12. 2018 Honorable Mention All-Big 12.

40: 4.79
Bench: 23
3 Cone: 7.97
20 Shtl: 5.01

Athleticism: Gallimore is extremely athletic, mostly because he lost weight to play last season at Oklahoma. He plays with an incredible intensity but seems to weaken throughout the game. Explosive is the best word that describes Gallimore. 14/15.

Power/Strength: Gallimore is truly a remarkable prospect, showing incredible power and strength in his abilities. Gallimore’s burst off of the line of scrimmage is absolutely incredible to see. His offseason bench was reported at 500 pounds and his squat at over 800. Despite his extraordinary strength, it doesn’t always show on tape. Gallimore appears to give up once he has lost the repetition with his very first move. 21/25.

Technical Tools

Pass Rush Ability: Gallimore’s strengths are in his pass-rush ability. He has a variety of moves that he can use along with good handwork off of his initial burst. If he loses on his first swipe, he doesn’t put much effort into the play. However, he shows good bend and excellent burst. Gallimore can get low enough to be a serious problem when attacking gaps. 17/20.

Run Defending Ability: Gallimore doesn’t offer much support in this area. He doesn’t do as well against double-teams. Will not push offensive linemen out of their stance especially when they are moving downhill. His angles are bad, and he struggles to get off of blocks. 11/25.

Mental Ability

Instincts/Football IQ: I have to wonder about Gallimore’s natural instincts. I don’t think he has them very well. His lack of consistency play-to-play is concerning and makes you think that at best, he’s a very good rotational/situational player in the NFL. From what I understand, Gallimore has a good football IQ. I don’t believe that these areas are strengths to Gallimore’s game, and he will have a lot to learn. 4/10.

Leadership/Personality: Gallimore is clean off of the field, and has shown composure and interviewed well in both Mobile and the Combine. He’s going to fit well in an NFL locker room. 5/5.


Neville Gallimore is one of the more interesting stories in the NFL Draft. His family is deeply rooted from Jamaica, and he is from Canada. Gallimore is a beast and an athletic freak on the field when he wants to be. His impact can be huge in a game. However, Gallimore isn’t the greatest at run defending, as he takes poor tackle angles and struggles to get off of blocks. His pass rushing skills are great, but everything is simply dependent upon him winning his first move. He mentally checks out after not winning that. The consistency is a key factor and certainly hurt him during my evaluation, but he’s still a very good prospect and would do extremely well as a one-gap defender.

Injury Rating: (+1)
Ceiling Rating: (+2)

Overall Grade: 75

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