21 Sep 2020

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David Woodward Linebacker Utah State Aggies.

Over the years, the Utah State Aggies have flown under the radar, yet have produced plenty of NFL talent and this year is no exception. Linebacker David Woodward has been one of the most consistent players for the Aggies during his tenure at Utah State. Woodward had his 2019 season ended early because of injury, but he still has the potential to be one of this year’s sleepers in the NFL draft.

As we said earlier in the article, Woodward was off to a great start in the 2019 season, having racked up 93 tackles before he was lost for the season. Woodward is always around the football having forced four fumbles last season. Woodward has excellent instincts and relies on them to make sure he is in the correct position at good times. The biggest surprise to me was just how solid a tackler that Woodward is.

Woodward needs to improve his speed, in order to be able to cover running back and tight ends in the NFL. The main concern that teams will have with Woodward is his injury history, Woodward has a history of concussions and injuries to his back will cause teams to look closely at his injury history.

Woodward is a solid player and I honestly believe several teams will love his production. Woodward’s injury history is something that teams will want to examine closely, but his production is worth the drafting of him. I have Woodward going in the mid-fifth to early sixth round. Teams are always in need of solid defenders and I expect Woodward to be selected during the draft weekend.

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