18 Sep 2020

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RB D’Andre Swift, Georgia

#7 D’Andre Swift
HT: 5’8-1/4″
WT: 212 lbs
Hands: 9″
Arms: 29-7/8″
Wing: 72″
DOB: 1/14/1999
Year: Junior
High School: St. Josephs Prep (Philadelphia, PA)
Accolades: 2019 Team Captain. 2019 1st Team All-SEC. 2017 All-SEC Freshman.

40: 4.48
Vert: 35.5
Broad: 121

Scouting Report: RB D’Andre Swift, Georgia

Speed/Athleticism: Explosive athlete, and is capable of hitting a home run at any point in time. Very elusive. Plays faster than he ran his forty in, and his forty was fast. 23/25. 

Contact Balance: Swift’s contact balance is electric. He has the ability to take punishment and still come out standing on top. Works through traffic extremely well. Doesn’t shy from contact either. He does have a weak spot, and that’s when he is securing the ball. He doesn’t do well to avoid contact at that point in the play. 17/20. 

Other Abilities

Receiving Ability: D’Andre Swift is an excellent receiver, not only out of the backfield but also out of the slot, where Georgia played him from time to time. Swift does need to refine his route running, as this is where he doesn’t do well with contact. His footwork is bad in and out of his breaks. Doesn’t often get past the line of scrimmage when running routes out of the backfield, needs to work on getting depth at that point of the play. Regardless, he has good, reliable hands and can catch through contact and in traffic. 15/20. 

Blocking Ability: Swift is an effective blocker despite his smaller stature. He reads his assignments well and positions himself strong. Very good at effective at chipping defensive players while moving out into his routes. Sometimes avoids chipping defenders to get into his routes sooner and that’s something I would like to see improved. 11/15.

Field Vision/Football IQ: Swift’s field vision is really something to behold. Finds holes at a whim and squeezes through places you don’t expect to see people get through. Moves to space extremely well. Football IQ seems to be good, it’s clear on tape that he spends a lot of time in the film room preparing for games. 13/15.

Leadership/Personality: D’Andre Swift is a humble dude, a quiet yet personable leader. He has a hunger about his demeanor, a chip on his shoulder, and he’s always looking to prove something. Has a clean slate off of the field. 5/5. 


Injury Rating: (1)
Ceiling Rating: (3)
Overall Grade: 88

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