28 Nov 2020

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S Grant Delpit, LSU

#7 Grant Delpit
HT: 6’2-1/2″
WT: 213 lbs
Hand: 9-1/8″
Arm: 30-3/8″
Wing: 74-1/2″
DOB: 9/20/1998
Year: Junior
High School: IMG Academy (Houston, TX)
Accolades: 2019 Thorpe Award Winner. 2019 1st Team All-American, 1st Team All-SEC. 2018 Jack Tatum Award Winner. 2018 1st Team All-American, 1st Team All-SEC.

Scouting Report: S Grant Delpit, LSU

Athleticism: Grant Delpit isn’t the most talented athlete on the field, but he is certainly more than capable. He has good speed and quickness, although he is a little bit stiff. He’s got incredible burst when he uses it. Very quick accelerator. 21/25.

Tackling/Hit Power: Delpit can tackle people when he wants to. Delivers crushing hits when he gets the opportunity. Does show tendencies to want to shy away from tackling. Pursuit angles are sometimes poor, as he has an issue with under-pursuing the play. 15/20.

Coverage Abilities

Coverage Ability: The ball didn’t come his way very much as he was oftentimes schemed against. LSU moved him around, playing him at both high safety and out of the slot. His zone coverage is very good. He plays well in his zone and gets the correct depth. Man coverage is good too, especially when coming downhill to cover a running back. 16/20. 

Ball Skills: Intercepted 8 passes in his career at LSU, 5 as a sophomore, and broke up 24 plays. In limited opportunities, Delpit’s ball skills are usually pretty good. There are times where he falls short, certainly. However, I think he has enough good moments on tape that NFL teams will be happy to have him around. 10/15. 

Mental Aspects

Football IQ/Instincts: Usually, Grant Delpit’s instincts are right on cue. There are a few mistakes that litter his tape, but overall, I see a smart, heady player who makes good decisions on where to position himself on the field. 8/10. 

Leadership/Personality: Delpit is an excited young man, humbled through opportunities presented to him in this business, but looking forward to working hard and becoming better. Personality is good. He’s a leader and NFL teams are going to appreciate that aspect to his game because they will want him to lead their secondary. He’s got a clean slate off of the field as well. 5/5. 


Grant Delpit fits the prototype safety mold that the NFL is constantly searching for. He’s got good size, lanky, plays well in space and has the ability to create turnovers. Delpit does have shortcomings, being that he isn’t going to be the most athletic player in someone’s secondary. However, it’s an interesting safety class and Delpit is one of the few traditional stereotypes that the NFL generally values. This should drive his value up. I think he’s a borderline first-round guy and can be plugged and played in almost any system. I like him more than most people, I would presume.

Injury Rating: (1)
Ceiling Rating: (3)

Overall Grade: 79

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